Make mojo chicken and grilled pineapple guacamole for your next cookout

Chef Jeff Mauro, who is out with his new cookbook “Come On Over,” shares two easy dinner recipes that are perfect for an outdoor barbecue.
5:04 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Make mojo chicken and grilled pineapple guacamole for your next cookout
Grilling season is coming fast. We have the perfect guy to show us how to grill an easy and delicious meal. Jeff Mauro will show us recipes from his backyard in Chicago. Great to see you this morning. How are you doing, George? This thing took me ten years to write. You know it's the greatest cookbook of all time. I'm very proud of it. Let's start out -- Ten years, I'm not that nimble in the mind. Let's start out with my mojo chicken. A whole fryer or roaster, my grill is going and we'll make it with the grilled pineapple avocado guacamole and spice chili powder, cumin, salt, super flavorful. Let's bump up the sweetness with fresh Orange juice. Not the stuff from the carton we grew up eating but the stuff from, look at this, from an Orange. Some lime juice and, of course, whenever we use fresh Orange juice or lime juice we use the zest in there too and have this marinade you can use for pork, any chicken. It's great on wings but for this we'll add it to a zipper top bag. Half goes in that zipper top bag with the whole chicken, the other half we'll reserve. If you're making a big old batch of marinade might as well use half for basting later. Four hours in the fridge at least. You have to penetrate all that flavor in there and put it on an indirect grill. Grilling season is upon us. There's so many great recipes in "Come on over" for the grill. What you want to do, keep this side hot to char up pineapple for later. Perfect, ready to go and gently cook the chicken, rotate it ever so often to make sure everything gets a lot of love. This is kind of low, that is's hot and get all that vortex of heat, keep it closed and roasts the chicken with all that beautiful char and smoky flavor. Now we got these grilled pineapples, right? Jeff, real quick, I have a serious question. Your book is named "Come on over," and does that mean any time in Chicago we can stop by your house for dinner. Michael, yes, George, robin, all three of you can, everybody else that you need to pass a psych exam, the presidential fitness test you go the to pass but you three are already in. I promise you. Thank you. Now we're starting to open up and have more people over so it's a perfect book for that. Whether feeding your immediate family or a whole group we'll dice up that pineapple and this is my guacamole trick 101. Michael, you'll love this. What we like to do is mash up two of the avocados and dice up the other two. The mashed up gives you the creamy beautiful part and the chunky part give you that texture and we'll put plenty of fresh lime juice. When you squeeze your lime a lot use these, these are great but if you don't have one, squeeze it up so you catch any seeds that might fall up and fresh chilies and red jalapenos. Sometimes pineapple is hard to find. Any substitutes? Oh, of course, you can do mango, grill it up, summer peaches, nice and firm before they get super ripe, grill them up, reactivate them and give a nice char and put strawberries in my guacamole before. I wouldn't grill those, though. But you could experiment or just do nothing. You know, grill up your peppers, everything and then when that chicken is done, you basted it, it takes about an hour, right and then you have, look at this. Taco Tuesday. It's Tuesday here in America. Last time I checked. And you got that beautiful grilled pineapple guacamole and another little guacamole trick, you know, oxygen does turn avocados brown so you stop that with lime but it's also the heat, the summer heat so do a little double bowl of ice and keep that guacamole super cold. Serve it with your favorite chips, tortillas, right, and then you have the best mojo chicken courtesy of "Come on over." You can -- look at this. Watch this. And then I like to do this. Ah. Oh. That looks good. That does look good. Is that not juicy? It's because we marinated it, all right, George, Michael. We marinated it. We didn't skip that beat. You need to marinate your meat. Don't skip the beat. Marinate the meat. Mojo chicken with a great Chicago accent. Jeff, thank you. I have to rewrite the entire book. Thank you guys so much. Happy taco Tuesday. Happy "Come on over," get the book. Rated number one book by at least six of my aunts. It's available right now. Jeff Mauro, thanks very much. You can get these recipes on our website at and coming up two time olympic gold

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Chef Jeff Mauro, who is out with his new cookbook “Come On Over,” shares two easy dinner recipes that are perfect for an outdoor barbecue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77039509","title":"Make mojo chicken and grilled pineapple guacamole for your next cookout","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-mojo-chicken-grilled-pineapple-guacamole-cookout-77039509"}