Make Nigella Lawson's garlic chicken and cream sauce pasta and butternut squash soup

Lawson's recipes require ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen.
7:05 | 04/20/21

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Transcript for Make Nigella Lawson's garlic chicken and cream sauce pasta and butternut squash soup
And they have a mask on. We are excited to bring in superstar food writer and cooking show host extraordinaire nigella Lawson has a brand-new cookbook "Cook, eat, repeat" highlighting some of her favorite ingredients and packed with recipes you'll want to make again and again. Right. And this morning she's going to show us how to make two dishes out of one meal whether you're cooking for one or more, so, nigella, good morning and thank you for being with us. How are you? Oh, well, thank you for inviting me. I'm very well, how are you? We are doing great and even better now that you're here. We'll get to your cooking in a moment. First you made quite the splash on social media with the way you pro-announcemented microwave. Let's let everyone take a look first. I still need a bit of milk full fat which I've warmed in the microwave. Microwave. Is that how you really say it? To be honest I like that way better. Well, it's kind of, you know, I don't know, we have various family jokes mispronouncing words so I was aware that is not really pronounced like that but I also wasn't totally aware I'd been saying it out loud. It looks like fun in the kitchen. Some of us are guilty of that. How has it been, the pandemic and cooking for yourself? Has it been different? Well, it's different, I mean I've never spent as long not cooking for people but I have to say after the initial, you know, adjustment I grew to just love cooking for myself and feeling -- I feel it's very important that people look after themselves, and, you know, eating does more than sustain you physically, I think it can sustain you emotionally too. And gave a lot of structure. The days were slightly amorphous, one day flew into the other days. You didn't really know what time of day it was so I'm looking forward to my supper, my dinner every day and I loved it, I have to say. I adored it. Wonderful. So let's -- Not the pandemic, I mean. I understand. Yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am. Let's get cooking. You have what garlic chicken is this what you have, chicken with garlic -- I have chicken with a garlic cream sauce. It's butterfly, the chicken which means when you roast it, it gets much more even heat throughout and it cooks a bit faster and the cream sauce, I will show you, garlic cream sauce and it is that simple. So I have heavy cream here, I have some grated -- you could use a garlic press -- garlic here. Stir it in and what I do, we'll have some miracle, sorry. I mumble terribly. What I'm going to do is put it on the stove and I bring it to a bubble and I know that frightens people with cream, but the thing is what happens is the flavors really infuse and thickens. Now, this has been on the stove for a long time, just as you would when roasting the chicken, it was there with the chicken so it's much thicker. You can see now it's much thicr but then the really glorious part, so on top of then the garlic and the cream, that smooth bland cream and really pretty pungent garlic, I have the chickeny juices which go into the cream. Mm-mm. I don't want to hold you up so here it is ready. I'll add a few chopped up chives and some parsley and then as you can see, you can just pour it over your chicken and such a and the great thing about that is, you know, if you have even a small bit of cream left, you just turn it into a pasta sauce so the next day by your desk and want to bring something quickly up to eat, so this pasta here which has a little bit of cheese added, pretty scant amount of cream and put frozen peas in the water while cooking pasta and add a few bits of broccoli I served with the chicken and that's it, a whole meal. You know -- The same goes -- I wanted to talk as well about how, you know, sometimes you can use quite ordinary ingredients but you want them to have a little bit more zing, just, you know, just to bring the changes so this is butternut squash roasted. I never peel. If you roast it like that the peel gets so soft in the oven so what I do is I pair it with a ridiculously clashing beet sauce which is very tangy. The squash is sweet and this is so tangy. Yogurt, chili, garlic and I roast a beet wrapped in -- this has been wrapped in foil and roasted for about two hours and I'm sorry, it just doesn't taste as good, nowhere near as good with ready cooked beet and then let me look, I just adore these bright color, you know, some days you want to be fed and cheered. And that's a little cilantro on top, why not. Beautiful. These strong flavors can take it. And then with that, so say you have even a small amount of the squash left over, you just blitz it or blend it into a soup so if you -- for each cup say of leftover roast squash, you need half a cup for a nice thick -- half cup of broth of any sort for a nice thick soup. I've gone mad, a mad magenta swirl on the soup and now a little bit of crunch with some chopped pistachios. That looks so delicious. It looks a lot -- Two meals in one. This is going to be a challenge and fun to do. Nigella, thank you so much for being with us. We appreciate that. We want to let everyone know, "Cook, eat, repeat" available now and get those recipes you saw on our website at Coming up, we have an

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{"duration":"7:05","description":"Lawson's recipes require ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77183063","title":"Make Nigella Lawson's garlic chicken and cream sauce pasta and butternut squash soup","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-nigella-lawsons-garlic-chicken-cream-sauce-pasta-77183063"}