Remove diet culture from your life with intuitive eating

Evelyn Tribole, author of ‘Intuitive Eating for Every Day’ explains how diet culture can end at your kitchen table.
3:15 | 04/22/21

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Transcript for Remove diet culture from your life with intuitive eating
It's about rejecting direct culture. And hang respect for every body. And dignity for everybody. Regardless of size. The first principle of intuitive eating is rejected diet mentality. Want to emphasize you don't have to go and any particular order diet culture cannot eat pasta you. Only you know your thoughts your feelings your experiences what satisfies U skating your power back. And this is basic but not so basic it's about honoring and responding in a timely manner to the signs of hunger in your body. Make peace with food and it's probably one of the misunderstood principles and intuitive eating and one of the most joyful it's about how all foods can really hit they really can't. That's basically looking at all of these rules he'd collected over time who says. This is how you should eat. The fifth principle of intuitive eating is really the hub of intuitive eating. And it's basically about discovering satisfaction and it's so important because so personal only you know. What you'll satisfy. The to curious journey what sounds good. What feels good honey want to feel when you finished eating ultimately. Doesn't feel good to under aged and it doesn't feel good to overeat the point of the sickle discomfort. And so much space starting with this principle it's helping you get into the balanced and very personal level. Feeling bulk. Is normal not doing anything wrong and apologized. In our culture is just a sign that pain in my ticket time to stop but if you don't it's not a big deal either so feeling full doesn't mean that you over eight expect but I suggest that you get curious even if you're certain that you over a look at what your body does with the information but if you've been in the habit of micromanaging reacting and panicky your food choice says it just reps trust let's see that your body can do. This is so important because so many times people have shame around self soothing with using food there's no shame in that when it might mean however could do it. They actually you might need to expand your. Your toolbox of coping resource as a soaked about discovering. What am I feeling right now emotionally and what my I need right now has to do with this particular. Every body is worthy of dignity and respect. That in spite of what diet culture tells you study after study has shown that trying to shrink the size of your body results in harm an is not sustainable that's a tough one for a lot of people to wrap their head around. Moving your body in a way it feels good as opposed to calling for the burn just for the sake it's about really having fun connecting with your body to a degree that you want to. And this principle is last actually intentionally because nutrition and so weaponized in our culture it's attrition sub let up. Scary kind of anxiety provoking it's okay for Pozen has come back when you actually already come back. It your feeling mostly at peace with your eating and your body enables come have a chat you can and the legacy of that culture. At your kitchen table and just starts with you we have influence in our. Relationships and you might have family members and friends too. Don't agree with you but you can ask them to respect these diets don't wanna raise your kids this week we've seen an experience the harm and the suffering. It took three aspirations have.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Evelyn Tribole, author of ‘Intuitive Eating for Every Day’ explains how diet culture can end at your kitchen table. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77232958","title":"Remove diet culture from your life with intuitive eating ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/remove-diet-culture-life-intuitive-eating-77232958"}