Sam Heughan is cooking cranachan with Ginger Zee

Sam Heughan joins Ginger Zee on Instagram Live to show her the recipe for a Scottish delight, cranachan, and talk about his new show, "Men In Kilts."
33:00 | 07/15/20

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Transcript for Sam Heughan is cooking cranachan with Ginger Zee
She made friends while you me have a treat today. I am doing the Atlantic fountain that they spend money kitchen is actually he's been my husband and into the little chaotic. My son is doing his school lesson. I see now why not. Make it a perfect time. To talk to one of my favorite actors updates and human. That he is you know from outlander he's gonna join us and do all of a little sign me here with us. Sam. He freight Frasor. He had been hit stars theory outlander has a new show allow it called men in kill. A road trip with them and Graham and they are you. Didn't how you look. I'm very low I'd like to replace him. It's well set up I welcome to my might ten creek kitchen as well I've created this and that. At Lamar and if we were gonna actually hit your kitchen you're gonna have this is not something that you list its arts cooking goes I would just where are you much about. Yeah I noticed that you gave Graham via the cooking. Cooking challenge I got to do basically that the dignity and construction site at a I really happy to be honest delight you lot look opinions. Certainly during this time during their mark on them and really enjoyed it. That you have gotten into it David this you may during the time. All right let me on this well yes well known that I did pineapple upside down cake let them it didn't like our. No not a missile defense. That's not a pineapple lit up or down I'm yet to be honest I started on. Liggett's. And there are people who are not a year and get into it now are seeing a picture from the gala yeah and anti Nike when a speaker teller about. Want a piece is that your as a secret yet they are fantastic community. Across the world in eight different countries reports clout thousand members and they are the most generous supported and and I'm incredible group of people they apples. Might charge which is basically an online work at series and I'm hands. Part of that is that we helped. Choosing courses and Lola. Goes to charity. This year yelling racial hurt five million. Let's sharks are. Me because I'm not so one loss that was our little celebration. Yet as this far and helping my son at that time with his school work. Unless they had done an IP IP Allen already know prior all of that happening around the world global epidemic a great way for a community can get together to safely but now even more so. I'm recreated. Editing program for the people during this is does this is challenged it. You know anyone can do whether here or am I think you might article would be poker there's some artists whom she's currently are. You could stop and I value it'd been a nerve wracking part of my day by far it is apparently what we're at. What do I do next how to let your tunic and cooking and unit like yet that's it's well that. Regrets. Because I'm I've got a few ideas. And look where we get to that though announce today on Good Morning America. Trip with an engram called Manning helped going to be an artist and art at sued and settled at a picture uncovering and now opportunity. To into that situation. After the US and angry face and and have a beard and a beard. Eight years yet. But these eggs images we have now been privy to her so tell everybody well before we get it and you are gone everywhere around it at the market. We are somehow I managed to convince them a monitor with me and it it is really really. Pom pom lighthearted banter around Scotland where I really you know dipping into Scotland is as they can't see that we'll see you know through work on our undergrad. But actually you know learning more more about it who betray an equal sorties. I'm obviously you know Antarctica imminent and difficult situations as possible and coats being thrown in the water. And a kayak or you know offer opera mountain. And then it should Renner being the SN brutal kind of vehicle you like that but mainly around a bike experts to earth week. In the part of yet motorcycle at UH in or kayak. Blowing down say. As you know Graham well and he doesn't known each other along aunt and shooting what did you learn about. All I mean to be honest you know. Read our friendship really cares about the law he's got a great sense of humor and he's extremely grumpy. I'm so really to be honest the idea of making sure it was just about me trying to fit in difficult situations and it. Great spot great by me. He he's always good nature and so on Ian shout get angry at. Loans of sailing and jumping out of a record earnings nobody actually to select until tribes. That's Nazis and I got him the next. So let it picnic and beach beaten Ali did at that we are making at this today I had night eats at you don't want to just started thinking welcoming me with that scheme because you have act an act with unit. Even ninth ranked mind I don't have a that would you drank it while addressing all facets. How Christian element yeah I figured it would end in it well but by and I mean me one night that me the next eight. Uh huh. Let me and not be appropriate and it's got in desert and so truly my current cement producer and I started go burning in mountain. Products and arts and this cannot but I don't hang it. How do you say. Well. It is called crap then Trenton. Yes it sat and it is honestly am very I was I was delighted and surprises in I'm chosen because. It is honestly a really popular dish as popular as you know Agassi's. Synonymous school but in crack and is one of the missile property is up and tax it. Celebration of Scottish summer breeze and we are you ever noticed we have some amazing summer agrees season is just about to start. I'm already brought res black agrees there is priest as a child I you know at least a year ago and is at least Bob Kruger. Nat editor delicious. We have already started authorities yeah and so that I that's what I Patrick records that are so and putting up a couple of big ingredient but it anybody want a Mac but he meant it Christina Tina that's right got it at her web and I'll I'll put that. In the congress usually here. That and get it early on that child I had an August. We we all that last night we're messaging and and use that OK I I I I was incredibly surprised that's a good student union are excited soaking Euro. Well I mean authority so that indicated that yes this is looking Mayo and assay. Yeah yeah right that we ought to Acxiom. It delight I am obviously brown amendment and I'm roast them off and honestly this now is that it is that like I'm. Like popcorn. Issues. And then you soak it in and a good but it was he would overnight it smells amazing. My children when I was toasting at how they came down there are. You need. Are ready to Wear it and not an overnight. Yes it's so you can edit it's really turn it as edit it out. It's the saudis it's got to swayze later I don't know how breakfast biscuit. But you know I'm actually Edwards as to when I was using and heads. And it which is it looks like I'm. He's very fine grain but actually I sometimes I may just as are required usually to open the courts you know the beat on boats and yet. Yeah logo or the regular ones as well I thought you know it's cool to like experiment. And canceled C watts. Looking deeper noting because I did that's your I had never purchased back it looked like a little and and I know it at the rounder so that's what the next. Creditors soak up the saint. It when we the next step I want I want our people that there isn't a question mark on the bottom and that the cool it feature it's light and were able actually share. Their comments that you guys go there and questions or comments. But I appropriate night in Africa and then I'll be able to put up a thrift and not great that. Is against the Tesla got its host of on the go upstairs with your husband it's tricky on shall apathy tightens the interest. That is so unfair. I think I should have Graham here cooking warm and actually she did next time we'll do that when when this upholstery is over that's greatness this year. We get Graham and I cooking later today. But here's my husband and we actually have a close look at that coats out the window he. All's he. That's and the that's how we do it here. I loved your mom and Renault. It meant that out for you it is at our rate yes well. ER yes. You did Aaron and since I said yeah. I mean out on order to them and I met some cool down first and eight B go really equipped only gingerly like up their act. A minute actually to be really quick because they can stuff the bird you kind of hear them all to allow an Arab. And getting close this one's. You do and so there in the pan now a camera and pregnant and he did you think when you think about the kitchen you're talking about mounds look like a memory. A growing up. In the kitchen. That's a ludicrous and actually you know talking about earlier about the concrete you know why you might finally reached. I'm don't pick he's out Curome places and I remember. Very much you know you'd come back and it's and it's rod green strawberry grizzlies. As a child and so many of them during the day. But what I digital home he just didn't want to see another program again it. It immigrated I remember that and you know the black grease year envelope. While ours is also some countries to walk. Moment when you're wrong. I'm not a statistic actually exempt Gary acting out. He's using recruits he's he agrees I guess he could use those as well yeah. To meet here engineered wants her did you digit Arnold. I guess my mama is a great in that we're very lucky. Very very fortunate we grew up in the countryside and she was really into Bob. In seniors. So look at periods and giving us and she could and actually I grew up about Erin which might. Come into play in a minute let me say that assess its knees. Let them. You can at least that eating meat hill Bob of America are cool but yeah I love I love poker game I think it's this practice possibly one of the best things. What's your faith. I'm no lately like when it went had been making a lot of and actually we do a lot of at this at and we are sending its simple lake after Friday etiquette are. Are like. I do a lot of garlic leapt over try to make right right out of everything we have left. Certainly we started our own art and I grew up an arm so angry and drug and Miley you. And when I left and went college it was like I didn't know how to function because food from countries to put an excellent. So I learned a lot about her being that way now a different way with them the cards meet there so. I get your priorities changed grown up children and you know you're this you're so who is at an eight Maria I'm so so then. In on them and of the senior when he got home at night. And so much you want me to Boston court in a car and ditches pressure that's my job in the ridge urban of that. That's bad nights and good we keep kicking that he let. Right you can forget how to crack in its second crack and the next step is. What we currently Hillary aren't ripped away. I would see recruitment whip right. I'm garnish. Actually outlined in its means and wearable. But he learned from concept than a pat and I still. Beaters. In Atlanta. And a confession a mine can. Go to risk. I say I wanted to try something for lesbian. And so I Michael a much like coconut milk. So I have chills coconut milk and Ali doesn't rip up saying it's very sick so committed a bit ago as the recent. An army because II can't keep it that there is not my thing I don't do it and but I was gonna make equipment at parliament but yes fleet coming out of Cutler in it together and it started him oh god it's great that I'm Dennis. I happen to my so that the once you sell. I know people working believe me we've got class is coming and people I know week and I'll get one. Then there are so many. You Blanton yes you keep it. Linda and the gun went and did you know lot of it is accurate early moral and is wondering at eight. Tom went that I know I guess I need a time when I'm Adam rocks act. Man yeah I don't consider it to the terrorists and watching productions and I'm yeah I just really tunnel with its and I think that's where. The game and I can be. He once hit television or movies wasn't really Korea. The so that the goal but it's been an amazing journey through rated. Not be part of actually eaters in Scotland especially alarmed world and it's really struggling. Yeah because social distancing them yes and house. Well we are mine and already. We are glad that you did do that. Isn't that I think a lot of people might add that we're using that if that's what the decade between with but he. I'm out well Scottish whiskey obviously. Come from Scotland. And past due to happenings question Steve. You have to that I was. Well it's also made with them. Mold. More to body which would see an American corn whiskey. I'm who didn't and agreeing with speeds so Adam. Most traditionally malt whiskey is disliked the most or grad numbers against Scottish open receives. But yet there are many of Brighton. Grains so it says what was he comes from Scotland's. It produces solvents and they solutions. Well. You what your senior. I. And let exactly it that you make it economic and leverage your. Haven't let it will. It's pretty big accident. I would say it's going to be like yours. It's not going to be like. You know various area made it. Yeah yours looks a little inner. Still the team. So I. All while you keep collecting and it's it's gonna do another question and regard nightclub act that the NUI. Hundreds of an onset and sledding. I loved it. Dinner liar and nightly ten. Are on Lebanon based out cleanup and clinic it's cool to circle light and it's it's. You can get him very cheap and and make it make you look like your weight. As for the Atlanta I picks are grant kind of collected Dougal is he similar accident or what the Decker. Grim. It came as a look like usual impersonal it's time and then yet you'll c'mon at Iraq. I sat at econ. Degree he likes playing in tough man and law and he is Barry Barry. The undecided mean he took reluctant and he's a lot of arm that's why you know I type equipment and spoke for many parents and on but he's also great historian and he's he knows a lot about. Sonics history. And I seen those are great compassion on on many counts. To go around and really explored in Scotland that we knew but also yeah. Note. You know near you know. And that the Indians that through the shell are all that that it's better than mine. Anger and it. All right sandy Allen and gripping where yet also all of my jacket and jeans. OK so. Let's move on and taste good. Record that so I'm. I that's a there is not reached match Ares that matched theirs smashing carried an ad that senator and Carney. It. I am C. Do Eric Segal celebrity here. I'm also not condemn it measured. And now. While look at us we're let her Heredia says. Hampton. A good amount healthy at nine. Go see him go to schools here which. Actually listen and January it one bit. Green onions and as Aussie Adam had a hunting as well it is amazing. I'm Paul and Heather. Which takes status as it does a slightly in. August and silently and salute and. I did it again. Here it helped collect acted I learned about the hair wire. Cuddy about how different. From winning colony where he would never want a pollinate around Altman get you honey it would yes. B nutter wouldn't work and so having the blueberry honey are adding that. Peach honey it's still interesting and I love learning about it okay about Sampson cannot trust very not so I just kind of did. We're not making yeah. Yeah tell Oprah. I'm McChrystal and a little more and this is great but in the sugar right. Now that the sugar cube at an extra sleep but it hear it we've got a sweet. Garland grizzly and it is this question and their character that you would like the clinic and the future that you haven't played weather and theater or down. I'm wow that's good yeah I'm. X I mean I talked about doing more theater and I lautner back actually and mission in the show in net and now many adults do you. Or do you visit. Some interest in places that are really connect institute. The studio to Soria McNair scholars Sharon talks and yet there's a lot of superstition than. Dot tales that are eaten them Shakespeare used in the Batman which crop yet. Which is a big part of sources. Rig slowed as silly statement wrapped would be one of them actually played Malcolm. Immigrant. The party we just and so we're getting there we're getting. Of those idiot anywhere to be around. Them. You're not entitled I don't think so no I don't you recorded them. I'm actually. I think if you think we should hit me honey does that go in the honey in the area up. Eight at Florida Atlantic like the elite while the spot in the Ares and someone asked. Did you out did you do your should be made into the Klan reflect coming outlander or have you learned Anwar since it for many. That's okay yeah well we expected decent research definitely answer that Clarence and you know it historical site its Diana gaveled it is an amazing. Writer and G corporates a lot of historical site. Agencies. And outlander Brett. No crime I'm Stephanie you know another. Bit of a bit of a deeper dive into the actual. To moments happened about a chemical laden. You know the toxins the coach and at a crime system. But also it's a look at it's also look at some of Scotland's. You know outside of the traditional that Renault and we look at. To conclude Luka. I see you know we go these great chefs. I am at least essentially it's there's another side of the odd side. I'd gentry alliance our bodies Hispanic and Latin. In our went in we knew where support at the whiskey. All it. And that's. I in Kabul being. It. And add to our discussions. Enough to loosen it up right policies aren't sure. I have a question I got that the so nice at or near our. Out there I eat at Scotland and that pull out an air. You see the Liu acts. Let me tell you I love and in Europe a Scotch whiskey and this really harsh. It'd. Color right not what is the cost is it in less than a close. Talks are ardently. Backed notes in a case and aren't. First felt a little rap Shari Lewis Sherry subsequent sweet. Hot and half. Don't backlight sort of out to be around they liked it he said more could be only 61 victory. While so that presumes he might awarded a dominant but he didn't like released earlier. So that we were 6% which is got. Just a little stronger but I think she really helped. It's loosen it up a lot more yet look and act in it because she act but it's not funny. That was Clinton's luck with that kept it under cooking with here that it off. Yeah actually AM it was enough life you know as a kid of get your fingers in the ball magic mixing and spam act an. Enemy dictates making grants. And it certainly aren't a lot of this decrease skills on my mom and you know you do don't. Learn it and silent leader or your son is very. In the making Griese desserts like them after the play and none of the with eight. So it's. In the next sitting at it and we need it it's great apes I believe it when we start wondering. I think ego to ego that some mosquitoes to the bar at anfield. And a little layers. And and member Alan Murray of Scotland. School of rock. A cut at a later in the. Shouldn't base how about Amara. Ross'. Rats running. Room. Her her. And I would obviously be does there is an army tradition in the I don't know Lake Zurich you know do you wait. Sadly and on another island my Stanley I'll eat at Rotterdam. And they aren't very big into custard and yogurt make it right lane at Ellis over at an at sweet erratically as Eric. But they are very much like it's part of the Albertson's like my Italian damning they eat. All day and SE. Helped and little bit and they keep in its hopper three hours on the back and that there is there out its tradition. But there. Tom I would I would say you know I think. Europeans believe in rights and Scott's you know that it's normally. I like the senators are like celebration major candy. Excellence arms. No you aren't so night and have dinner Rick Johnson Warren. Yeah it's only it's only you know property in my career span of course is when he when he receivable increased treatment OK idea. It yet but the cream and to get jammed the cream after them with you. And Welker. And got a layering. Oh listen. Well I like that question could an audience and advocate want it now do you know when you'll start county held longer usually if he's not out and Eric out they I learned you all will for a very long compared to other. That's for sooner. Yeah we do you know any statistics show up under its calm and analysts see hits. Him in his. Challenge each in Scotland locations you know. I don't see you know rehab embossed numbers of extras and horses and making location so yes it does take it no longer an ownership. Adam. Carla Nino we are scheduled to stop this whole but. Again you know I guess just to wait and see what. Situation and it's and local. A very counselor no regret important and I think we're ready to go back. Crediting I don't care and add an unplanned and all it an expert here a minute wait. A minute they're gonna have a little bit left. That's. Rarely let. Its more of these. And and we studios. Which is pretty easy like me have my cellular. This may not on. Because you like it that lit yet at mile and I think era and yeah. Kinda had a fair. All of it they it I don't know I don't know eight learn and I'm hoping that added also learn a little -- Ian that they Eck in yeah Allen used to it. I think it's the nominal may creating a stigma around it yet Oakley you know. As a sort of until approach towards art and communication ya man rumors or slip that. And every aren't you here a while it may. End in my final final layer. Here. How does anger during that time captain Patrick and her with Graham we are at it without there with your other. Yes very very much so you've tried it out lenders such an incredible showed him. We're it was a really Baum and formatting actors and you know one of the reasons I wanted to do many kills nearly what does that. You know the community of friends of Graham and I'm and yeah we will optical a local law and out of debt from a former Nazi attack. Yeah it wrong and I miss those guys it compartment and the crew is well. It's you you know adds Jamie payday he is that change. And good camera the speaker can is just that. That thing that you want every human being I like this question because you did of 180 Langer Millen neglect how to. Neil. Betsy yeah yeah it was obviously released here in. The beginning of the code red lockdown which is now I'm. Ready to amber room and I'm sure. But it. Thankfully it's now available online and yes honest and diesel and Korea back. So different but so did great things about its. You know integrators and got on. That. It's excited me. We all have and any pregnant that it is being taken like like like a mannequin. To be angry we need to listen and you and some. You know to some toasted roots and talk. Yep I did a little but I and we did little and we aren't yet. I have as we do that I think are great and grand mention it when we were speaking and talking about Manning park he said it Jamie. And sand both have kind of a light around and he says fans here and is just an Angel and hit like I don't want him to be one of my favorite when you that's where an RV eight that they. You would wake up even a pupil cut had a long night and you'd like unmanned. How EA. It's basically he's great outline these. House that. And infant and at the net and I think that the great question. I am I don't know I think robberies Carter brought irritating program but I'm. No I think. I am so excited anecdotes something I've been. A long time. I'm good disorder slapstick inspires me that people do the stories and music and I was just so to get out there in the mountains and it's lord meet meet our peoples. Kind of area and and to be honest stated this sort of prospects are winding up Graham and putting him on a situation is also integrate. It gets you out of the are you bad pretty well just basically do it came a little we can do it this is fantastic. And do we do we do we Latin. Laidlaw transit with eat right they have enough with it added that. Stated they definitely. Was I credible testimony your ego and Annie. And I really wanna get those with the combat the pattern with an expanded about. Well. I you know yeah yeah. A. The but the whiskey over Erica them so I wonder what it would be like without. You know it's looking whiskey is we're seeking act I wonder what about it but I am not and I area I loved that. The pirates sent and I feel the Coke and operated marks there yeah I'm gonna. Not that that's only panic in acre it will get you back up my dog and a company not everything and check that couldn't have one. Who. Aaron I have kept you are planning a time and I know you are still even Knightley an incredibly busy. And I wanna eight U and he apparently. Aren't people it just the comment that the questions they are. There are some that we did is often the people really. Want to get nine year and a half a thank you for being who you are because not as many people aren't open in the Arnot you know opens it. Appreciate it because at the Y. You are you and everybody loves Hitler I cannot only to be Manning milk. A road trip was standing Graham started at stars we know it's right at early in. That's right we're hoping you know we're hoping Biden Biden Biden and this year and you know world. Will know more as he continued Adam really excited cell climbed Isaac and literature class you're welcome any time in our RB Thomas H. I do most of driving read out you know you're you're welcome everybody was you and and easy. Service. Thank you are black and UN treaty EU everybody have a wonderful day and don't forget and also cooking with grand. This afternoon you know what I look it won't likely knew when he plummeted that it Graham later. You got something on it. Just just just on the burner. I took us yet he doesn't cook for himself he got you're like yeah records for someone else do for. Awesome awesome about Duncan claw hundreds. I am a great day. And take out thanks everybody. And.

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