Samin Nosrat teaches a home chef how to cook with fat and heat

The chef, cookbook author and star of the Netflix series "Salt Fat Acid Heat," shows how to cook at home using fat and heat.
6:44 | 02/19/19

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Transcript for Samin Nosrat teaches a home chef how to cook with fat and heat
morning and we love having chef samin nosrat here on Monday so we brought her back this morning and she's the best-selling author of the book "Salt, fat, acid, heat: Mastering the elements of good cooking." She says getting those four ingredients right will help make you a master chef and samin will join us live in a moment but before she does, she's coming T the rescue once again for a mom who needs an extra hand. Check it out. ??????Ia mom Sofia says her garlic rosemary lamb chops never turn out quite right. It was a little rarer than I'd have liked on the inside but I still had that burnt garlic on the outside and doesn't have a crust that I would have normally gotten at a restaurant. Reporter: Her potatoes are not browning in the oven. I'd like to have the crunchy outside with the really well done inside. Reporter: Little does Sofia know chef samin nosrat can see just where she's missing the salt, fat, acid and heat. This is not too tricky to fix. I have to crank up the heat with her. Reporter: Chef samin to the rescue. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my goodness. That is incredible. Oh, my gosh. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. That is incredible. To my house. Reporter: And now straight to the kitchen. I have all the and the for you. I knew you would, samin. Make my dish better. All the answers lie with two of the basic elms of cooking, fat and heat, unpack all the little treats we brought. Ou have this pan here. You're not going to get that perfect like very crust that you want. The best pan for that crust is this. This pan can get so much hotter than that can. Also your temperature for your potatoes is wrong. So let's crank it up. You're the 350. Let's go to 425. We want it hot and fast to get that beautiful brown outside. Reporter: That bitter burnt garlic taste. Samin says it's a common conundrum. A lot burn garlic and don't know the acrid taste of the food is something that doesn't have to be there so I'm grateful to you. You shared your problems with the world. That's right. It's known to everybody in America now. Reporter: The solution, take off the garlic before cooking. In order to control the temperature that you're cooking your meat to it's important to start with meat that's at room temperature. Are these cold? They are cold. I happen to have some room temperature presalted lamb chops. Oh, that's fantastic. I feel like Mary Poppins. After an hour of marinating, those chops will sizzle in the pan. It's important for your pan to be hot before you add any fat and then we're just going to lay these in and you want to hear that sizzle. A perfect plate but the real taste is in the test. It's perfect. Mm-mm. I love lamb chops. It's like a cartoon. It's like mm-mm. Oh, samin, that is amazing. Awesome. It was amazing. Samin, thank you so much. And samin is back to help us out. This is one of my favorite things to watch that piece because you got so much joy out of showing up at the house and helping her out. We talked about salt and acid. Today, the other two, fat and we're going to talk about heat. Yep. And we're -- yes, so let's start with fat and we have butter and olive oil so tell me what we got. So one of the most important things that fat offers us is it really has two incredible things that it does. It affects flavor and texture so choosing which fat you're going to cook with or use is going to affect both of those things. So even just if we taste the two breads, they'll taste totally different. Let's take a bite and talk about how they taste different. All right. Mm-mm. It's good. I like the mm-mm. We're the only ones eating it. Why you mm-mm'ing? Let's try the butter. Olive oil is fruity and the butter is creamy and rich. Yes. If you think of it, olive oil -- you guys. Ol life oil is the taste of Italian food and butter French food. When you want to make it taste Italian, olive oil, French, butter. I did not know that. Now we talk about heat. Heat is one of the other four ingredients. How do you know when the pan is hot enough and all these -- if one of the biggest Mick Mulvaney -- mistakes. You have to put it into a hot pan. The way I like to test it is just to do -- try it with me. I usually put my fingers -- Do not do that. You want to do this and you want to hear that sizzle. Oh. You want to hear sizzle. That's when you know it's hot. Totally. So you know we saw you making the potatoes in the piece. You'll show us how to make the perfect -- Exactly. A lot of times people jam all of their roast vegetables into a small pan and that doesn't allow for browning because when everything is all crammed together it's just going to steam and get mushy. Do you want me to force you to eat a mushy potato? No, you don't have to. I'll do it myself. That's mushy. It's mushy and not brown and crisp. If you take this and just spread it out into a bigger pan with a shallower edge, the room will allow all that steam to escape and then they'll get brown and crisp and then we'll get these delicious guy. That's brown and crisp. Mm-mm. Yeah. I notice how our audience, they didn't go mm-mm to the mushy. Theic loo the crisp. They got good taste. I learned so much over the last two days with you. They're very simple. I love that. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me. "Salt, fat, acid, heat: Mastering the elements of good cooking is out now. Pick it up and make your food flavorful. You can catch and watch "Salt fat acid heat" -- I got it all, "Salt fat acid heat" on Netflix.

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"The chef, cookbook author and star of the Netflix series \"Salt Fat Acid Heat,\" shows how to cook at home using fat and heat. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61159834","title":"Samin Nosrat teaches a home chef how to cook with fat and heat ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/samin-nosrat-teaches-home-chef-cook-fat-heat-61159834"}