How to stay safe while grilling this summer

Tips to keep in mind during your next barbecue.
2:58 | 07/20/21

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Transcript for How to stay safe while grilling this summer
Now on GMA and with someone in full swing that means buying up bad breath aerial record. The master on the grow itself if you do it is not a good thing could help. Get your next cookout state we're not just talk about don't burn down the house this is so we'll different here. That's right TJ what's summer without a good barbecue of course they are fine. And that lift it but experts say do not let your guard down when it comes to rail safety. This morning a warning before you kick back for a summertime barbecue grills and Greece can pose a major fire risk. A Utah home destroyed in minutes buy a grill left unattended. In Massachusetts up Father's Day cookout nearly turning into a disaster when a propane grill fire spread through this how. The family managing to get to safety before the debt burned away. Grove fire extended to the job second and third floor of their rear of the building. Traveled throughout the attic. According to the National Fire Protection Association one of the leading causes of these fires dirty grills. Grease fires are unpredictable and can quickly burning out of control if you're not paying close attention. Your multitasking. You may be watching children and other family members here also enjoying the outside people are not being able to focus on that grill. Chief Scott Goldstein heads the Montgomery County fire and rescue in Maryland. He demonstrates how this real fire cease to take on a life of its own. And matter of seconds and if flames far cheek Goldstein said do not do this. Applying water makes the fire growth instead use baking soda or close the lid. Chief Goldstein also showing us what can happen if a charcoal grill gets knocked over. This could be able reads. And grasses they could also be your patio furniture. Watch how quickly the charcoal burns through distraught eight goes from this tis this in less than thirty seconds. In this case you do want to use water still keep the garden hose or bucket of water handy. And one more thing to look out for fear using one of those wire brushes to clean your grill the bristles can get stuck in sides he want to make sure to remove them. You can also use a warm cloth to wipe off your grill as well bottom line make sure that Rell is clean any residue can spark a fire. T candidate Arial use those brushes I use them so what are some other options. Yeah and there are plenty of other options at your best that can be things you are you have a home on rock props with me you've got your songs with a volatile element of well you can Muzak to scrape the great. And when in doubt you can use that trustee onion just cut it in half and scrape the greats with that but a warning it could leave a delicious taste behind. And if you're cleaning your Braly want to make sure the grill is warm not hot. I love you just hear those things in your birth you have a million hits albums you know I didn't like Larry I didn't. Accident still takes you assume puts.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Tips to keep in mind during your next barbecue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78940882","title":"How to stay safe while grilling this summer","url":"/GMA/Food/video/stay-safe-grilling-summer-78940882"}