Try these tasty tailgate snacks that include bacon

MVP your meal with chefs Carla Hall, Michael Chernow and Stephen Hopcraft’s recipes for delicious bacon dishes.
3:08 | 12/05/19

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Transcript for Try these tasty tailgate snacks that include bacon
Look ma I made it We are back with MVP your meal. Bacon, I am with Carla hall. Robin is with Michael Chernow and rob is with Stephen hopcraft. Tell me what to do. We're doing a blt dip and you'll make my glaze that's black pepper, cayenne, yellow mustard for tang into maple syrup and then you're going to mix that up. We par cook the bacon at 400 degrees. And you brush that on and go back -- we have that on a rack so it gets nice and crispy. We're going to cook -- this is go ahead and have that snack if you want and then we take some lettuce, a grape tomato, some bacon and we'll spread this like this. Love the oohs and then -- A little kick. A little kick, that cayenne. So in here I have sour cream, man nine, cream cheese, we're going to make a little dip of this. This is like that mayonnaise thing, boom, boom, boom. We mix that up. Put scallions on that. We have this and we go in and here. Thank you very much. You're very welcome. Really good. Pass it off. We've got the ball now. I tell you what, you can't just do it once, you got to do it twice here. You got different ways of using For tailgating specifically you want option, right? You want to make something simple or easy. I started with one of my favorite things to do, bacon wrapped shrimp. It is probably one of the best things on the planet. A simple thing. We have a lot of southerners here so they can appreciate all right. Shrimp, wrap it in bacon. Hit it with a toothpick in the oven, let it cook 15, 20 minutes. Little kick. Jalapenos. Take the ribs and the seeds owl of the jalapenos and we make a little cheese mix with cream cheese and shredded cheddar. A little garlic and put the cheese mix inside the jalapeno. Guess what you do, wrap it with bacon, throw it in the oven. Threw go. Come on, Ritz crackers. Ritz crackers, parmesan cheese. Just go like this. We like it easy. Just like that. On a bacon tray, pop it in the oven. Three delicious ones. Pass it off to you. What do we got. Little caken cheeseburgers. Help put the sauce together and I'll explain the whole thing. What we'll do is take caramelized onion, a secret to the whole thing. Yeah. You got to get them nice and dark and then bacon, bacon, bacon, we got it in the sauce, we got it on the burger. More bacon the better. Pickle. More bacon, more bacon. A little couple tote may tos. Do you cook them in the bacon grease. Because it's more bacon flavor. Oh. There's just not enough bacon.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"MVP your meal with chefs Carla Hall, Michael Chernow and Stephen Hopcraft’s recipes for delicious bacon dishes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67513013","title":"Try these tasty tailgate snacks that include bacon","url":"/GMA/Food/video/tasty-tailgate-snacks-include-bacon-67513013"}