Thanksgiving side dishes to get kids helping in the kitchen

Seventeen-year-old chef and cookbook author, Amber Kelley, gives useful tips for kids to help in the kitchen for Thanksgiving.
2:22 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for Thanksgiving side dishes to get kids helping in the kitchen
We are back now with holiday hack or hack your holiday. Want your kids to help out in the kitchen on Turkey day? A lot of parents do. Chef amber Kelley, the 17-year-old author of the cookbook "Cook with amber" has family-friendly recipes for delicious Thanksgiving side dishes, and she is joining us now. Amber, thank you so much. We appreciate -- we'll try not to violate any child labor laws while you're here with us this morning. But we're just -- janai and I will follow along. You walk us through. What are we making here? Perfect. I'm sharing two of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes, they're classics with my family. Starting off with my mushroom and sausage stuffing which is hands down my favorite dish on our Thanksgiving table. So I know you guys have some ingredients so we'll sort of do this together. All you got to do really is a little bit of prep so I sauteed some mushrooms, celery, parsley and onions and this makes your house smell amazing. Yes, it does. We'll dump that into a giant bowl. Just right in here. Then we're also going to dump in some sausage. Again, this is going to give it a little kick. I sauteed this before beautifully. You're doing great. Thank you. You're a pro. Then I'm going to add in my bread cubes, obviously this is that stuffing aspect. Boom, boom, boom. Super easy. This is the step I used to help my mom with as a kid when I was little. Then we have some egg right in here. A little bit of seasoning, of course. Season. And then some chicken stock. The chicken stock is going to make it really moist. You need that in there and then I don't know if you have gloves on but -- No, we left the gloves, sorry. No worries. I got you on that step. I have gloves. I'm going in with my hands. This is where you can get the kids involved. It's a family-friendly recipe. So you can mix that up. Can you also show us the sweet potatoes? We want to make sure we get that in. Of course. Boom, gloves are off. Moving on. Put in your slow cooker. easy peasy. Right over here we have my sweet potato puree. Again, a lot of prep. I sauteed sweet potatoes, butternut squash and thyme and blend it together with my secret ingredient, coconut -- All right. Amber, thank you so much. So sorry. We are out of time. It all smells and looks fantastic. We actually appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Seventeen-year-old chef and cookbook author, Amber Kelley, gives useful tips for kids to help in the kitchen for Thanksgiving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74333545","title":"Thanksgiving side dishes to get kids helping in the kitchen","url":"/GMA/Food/video/thanksgiving-side-dishes-kids-helping-kitchen-74333545"}