‘Top Chef: All-Stars’ winner chef Melissa King shares how to make Chinese hot pot

Cozy up with this filling family feast that uses a hot broth to cook your choice of meat and veggies.
4:01 | 02/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Top Chef: All-Stars’ winner chef Melissa King shares how to make Chinese hot pot
We're back now with an ultimate upgrade perfect for soup season. Top chef winner Melissa king is here with all the delicious details on how to take your average bowl of soup and make it a family feast with a traditional Chinese hot pot. Good morning to you, Melissa. And, Melissa, I want to say for the uninitiated what is a hot pot and why is it so significant to Chinese food culture? So hot pot is one of my favorite things to do. It's not just a dish, it's a full on experience as you can see. And so it's something that I've done within my own family and a lot of other Asian families out there do this experience to celebrate the lunar new year. We got a lot going on here. Anything, really. Yeah. Any celebration. I see and to upgrade our standard soup to a hot pot meal we need simple equipment that we might already have on hand starting with the pot for the broth. Sure. Yeah, so right now I have a traditional style split pot so I can have two different types in there and I like to go spicy and my family likes it more mild. You can use a standard pot. Anything this size or so and what do you have? I think you're using a Dutch oven -- Yeah. All right. And for your cookware on the bottom you want to use something, I think you have an induction burner. I'm using a camping stove so it's really whatever you got in the house to create some fire on the stove here. Whatever gets hot, okay. I got you. Whatever gets hot. Now we want to heat up our broth and want it to get hot. Once we do that we use it to cook the meat and vegetables. How do we get started. Exactly so you can play around with different types of broths. I have here just a store bought chicken broth. Can you certainly go vegetarian with a mushroom style broth and you got to have fun with fresh vegetables. I have, I mean, we have carrots here, we have tofu. And, Michael, you can feel free to follow along with me and toss things in. All right. Really what's important is that you start with sort of the heartier vegetables or the heartier things like the tofu, the carrot, can kind of go in first. Those take about two to five minutes to cook. And then we have mushroom, mushrooms can also go in, I have a whole assortment here. I like mushrooms. It's fun and playful. Have fun, throw things into the pot. It's kind of cool. You can do this with the family, right. Bring your kid as long. Exactly. It's very communal and once it comes to the leafy greens, these are more delicate. These cook much quicker, within 0 seconds to even a minute so I have Tom spinach here. I'll toss some in. We have bok Choy. All right. You can have fun with some noodles and dumplings and then we move into the proteins. I have some shrimp that I'm just going to toss right in. And all of these ingredients really flavoring the broth. I tell you what, I love this. You got ingredients they did not give me so yours will be better than mine. But you have so many -- Yeah, reel. There's so many ingredients for the hot pot but you say there's one thing no hot pot feast is complete without. What is that one thing? One thing is you got to have a really amazing sauce bar and so here I have soy sauce, we have some ponzoi, sesame oil, garlic and Cal Lons and want to mix that together to create your sauce and this is going to be dipping sauce you'll use to dip all of your proteins and vegetables in. Got it. Then I have a little bowl of rice to land everything on. Melissa, we really appreciate it. Thank you so much for this. I'm going to make this for everybody in the studio so you guys, lunch is on me today. Don't miss Melissa as a judge on the upcoming season of "Top chef." For more, plus information on how to take a virtual cooking class with Melissa, visit our

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Cozy up with this filling family feast that uses a hot broth to cook your choice of meat and veggies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76105839","title":"‘Top Chef: All-Stars’ winner chef Melissa King shares how to make Chinese hot pot","url":"/GMA/Food/video/top-chef-stars-winner-chef-melissa-king-shares-76105839"}