Alabama pastor shares story of recovering from COVID

When Bob Sullivan tested positive for the coronavirus, his brother Dr. David Sullivan of Johns Hopkins stepped in to help.
0:08 | 12/07/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alabama pastor shares story of recovering from COVID
When you're in my house you pour it on thick. Welcome back to "Gma3." It is faith Friday. We love our faith Friday around here. We're keeping it all in the ly today. Our next two guests, brothers, one a pastor, the other a doctor. Wonder which one is praying more father Bob Sullivan, the pastor of a parish of over 7,000 and the president of a catholic high school, he tested positive for covid-19. Of course Dr. David Sullivan his brother of Johns Hopkins university stepped in. They're both joining us now to give us an update on how father Bob is doing and how he was able to beat the virus. Father Bob, I'll start with you. You were diagnosed back in late September. Tell us a little more about how you handled everything. Well, when I was first diagnosed -- well, I started having some -- wasn't feeling well. I recently had a flu shot. They changed my blood pressure medication. The doctor said let's see if that's it. Then I started running a fever. I texted my brother and said what do I need to do? He said go get a covid test. So I did and tested positive. I called him and said, listen, what do I need to do? He goes, well, there's not much we can do. We've got a clinical trial. Would you like to participate? I said sure. Do they do it at uav where I live in Birmingham? He said yes. I enrolled in the trial on Saturday, the day I tested positive. I was receiving convalescent plasma on Monday. Dr. Sullivan, you know as well as anyone, how devastating this pandemic has been, how devastating covid-19 can be on patients. What is your first concern when you hear your brother has covid? My first concern is he's my brother. I had four brothers growing up. My mother had five under five before 65. Five sons under five before 1965. He's my brother. We knew we had antibodies work. We knew we had a way to get them, a 50% chance of giving him something that really worked. Wanted to help him. Dr. Sullivan, it's great to have a doctor in the family. My brother's a doctor too. A lot of people aren't in that situation. They don't know what to do or who to turn to. What advice do you have for people who have covid or they find their loved ones in that situation? What should they be doing? If your loved ones have it in the out-patient setting, there's monoclonal antibodies that are limited available. We know antibodies work. You can also go to -- you can join a clinical trial and secretary Azar called plasma the gift of life. Father Bob, you tell me, folks strike a balance. You're a man of god. You lean on your faith during hard times I'm sure. You lean on your faith, but sometimes you got to call a doctor. What was it like for you during this time and what do you say to people out there who are going through maybe what you went through? What is -- how much do you or did you lean on faith? Maybe I shouldn't say versus science. What was the balance between the two? Well, we understand that god has given us the wonderful gift of intellect and knowledge. I leaned on my faith because I know my god is a god of hope. Even in difficult times there's always the light at the end of the tunnel. The intellect that god has given us I'm thankful for because of doctors like my brother who use that wonderful gift to further science and help all of us. We're indeed a community of god has given us many gifts. The gift he's given me is the opportunity to pray. To pray for those affected by this. To pray for those searching for a cure. Even though I wasn't able to be physically present with my community during quarantine, I could pray for them and them for me. I recognize throughout all of it, my hope and my trust is in god and my god will continue to stand by me, even through difficult times. Prayers and science pack a powerful punch. We could use both right about now. Father Bob, thank you for your inspiration. So glad you're doing better. Dr. Sullivan, you for your research and all your work. We certainly need you in our lives as well. We appreciate your time. We know you're both busy men. Thank you. Nk you.

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{"duration":"0:08","description":"When Bob Sullivan tested positive for the coronavirus, his brother Dr. David Sullivan of Johns Hopkins stepped in to help.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74540531","title":"Alabama pastor shares story of recovering from COVID","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/alabama-pastor-shares-story-recovering-covid-74540531"}