‘America’s Pastor’ shares a message of hope for those in isolation

Rev. Max Lucado provides some help for those suffering from holiday sadness and discusses his new book “You Are Never Alone.”
4:04 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for ‘America’s Pastor’ shares a message of hope for those in isolation
It's faith Friday. Thank goodness. This is no doubt our favorite segment every week. We're excited for our next guest. He's been dubbed by "Christianity today" as America's pastor. He's spent the past 40 years being a spiritual leader, from the pulpits to the books. It's hard to find a Christian book shelf that doesn't include one of his books. He's here to tell us about his latest book "You are never alone, trust in the miracle of god's presence and power." Please welcome reverend max lucando. Thank you so much for being with us. Reverend, you told almost 100 million copies of your books. It's pretty remarkable. I love this. You say you write books for people who don't read them. Explain that for us. Thank you for letting me have this opportunity. It's a treat to talk to you. Hello from San Antonio, Texas. I like to write books for people who don't like to read books. I like to share encouraging words. I think people are pretty beat up. They're worn out. We never had a year like the one we just had. If I can lift someone's spirit, help them to defy despair, if I can talk somebody back off the ledge, then I feel like my job is done. I understand here the book is called "You are never alone." You started writing this before the pandemic. Then we come into this year where people are feeling alone and loneliness. They're feeling all that isolation. Did you have to make any adjustments or did the timing just work out perfectly? Well, it was -- the lord had this book on the runway right when we needed it. I compd the final draft in the month of April, just as we were going into lockdown. I think the lord is wanting to comfort his people. It's so important to try and keep all of that in mind. We've all been dealing with this for the past eight months, reverend. Now we're coming upon the holidays. We have the CDC telling people cancel your plans. Don't travel for Thanksgiving. Don't have those family gatherings that we all love and need truly in terms of connection. This time of year this is what we all look forward to. For people now being forced to spend Thanksgiving alone, what words do you have for them to take with them into this holiday season? My first word would be I'm sorry. I know you're really counting on this. I know how tired everyone is. Then also I would say thank you. Thank you for putting your neighbors over yourself. Thank you for doing what's best for the country, even when it's difficult for you. Then, also, I would say th a time we could really dig deep. So some of us can use this as an opportunity to look up and talk to god, to pray more, open our bibles. Find the scriptures like the 23rd psalm, the lord is my shepherd, I shall not want or the lord's prayer and meditate on the scripture. I'm sure a lot of people can use those words. Where about in Arkansas? I'm an Arkansas boy. Where you from? I'm from Texas. My sister migrated to Arkansas many years ago and she lives in Fort Smith. I'm going to miss her. Fort Smith, that's not too far from Fayetteville where I went to school. We have at in common. Maybe next year we can get together in Arkansas. That would be good. Reverend, good to see you. Congrats on another book. Your words appreciated. They can be used by anybody. You enjoy your holiday. Thanks so much and stay safe. Thank you, my friend. All the best to you.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Rev. Max Lucado provides some help for those suffering from holiday sadness and discusses his new book “You Are Never Alone.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74324422","title":"‘America’s Pastor’ shares a message of hope for those in isolation","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/americas-pastor-shares-message-hope-isolation-74324422"}