Austin mayor shares latest update on mass shooting

Mayor Steve Adler discusses the uptick in crime in his city and other cities across the United States.
4:34 | 06/23/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Austin mayor shares latest update on mass shooting
It's been nearly two weeks since that tragic mass shooting in Austin, left one dead, dozen others wounded. Authorities are now searching for a new suspect in that shooting. And this as crime is up 200% in Austin, reflecting the overall trend in an uptick of violence in cities across this country. The mayor of Austin, Steve Adler is one of nation's mayors demanding action now from the Biden administration. Thank you for being with us. Let's start with that mass shooting in Austin. The police announcing a new suspect, what do we know right now? What we know right now is, we're still heartbroken over Mr. Cantor's death, visiting our city. We know that there were too many people, too young, guns possessed by people that didn't have the legal ability to have those guns, illegal weapons, and we're seeing that proliferation not only in Austin but in cities around the country. Based on the investigation that continues, the police have identified who it was that was doing the shooting and we're seeking that person now to arrest him. As Amy just mentioned a moment ago, crime being up 200% in your city, we're talking about ten mass shootings in the country just since Friday, I guess we could expect some uptick once people started coming back out and we started opening back up, but is something else at play in your opinion? Has to be. Has to be. It doesn't look like it's tied to local policies or decision, because it's happening across the country. People don't know what it is. I don't know if it's pandemic related or the harshness of the political discourse that's happening in the country, people more on edge, whether it's because people have been home and not able to be out in the community, there's something that's happening here post-pandemic across the country and we need to figure it out so that we can stop it. There's something happening for sure that's undeniable, I know you met with mayors across this country and you, along with mayors from Dayton, Chicago, Houston, Savannah, demanded that president Biden take action to do something, yes, about this massive uptick in gun violence, he's expected to make announcement later today, what are you hoping to see and hear from president Biden? Well, I'm excited to see the attention and the increased focus on this issue because it is real. Cities, communities across the country, need additional resources with local law enforcement to be able to find these illegal weapons, we need more help with red-flag laws for to prevent people who shouldn't have weapons getting there. There's low hanging fruit here and gun regulation that I think has wide support across the country. Can you really solve the problem if you don't exactly know what's causing it? You're absolutely right. We have to, we have to be able to identify that, but in the meantime, though, we can treat some of the symptoms, we know there are too many illegal guns being trafficked, showing up in crimes with increased frequency. We need to figure out what's going on and until we do that we won't be as effective, but as we're doing that, we have to address the symptoms that we see. Mayor Adler, your covid-19 situation, of course we're seeing this delta variant pop up, it's obviously a big concern, the CDC saying, hey, - this is a lot more transmissable, where are you in Austin on vaccinations. I'm concerned about the variant as everybody is. Austin relatively strong position, just under 70%, we should reach that very shortly, but we still have large parts of our community, mostly communities of color that we haven't been as effective in getting the vaccine out. We're doing a lot of work to get it to where it's most needed. Mayor Adler, we appreciate you spending some time with us. We'l see you down the road. T.J. Good afternoon. Thank you. And a programming note, the latest on new efforts to tackle that rising violence and the

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Mayor Steve Adler discusses the uptick in crime in his city and other cities across the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78442847","title":"Austin mayor shares latest update on mass shooting","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/austin-mayor-shares-latest-update-mass-shooting-78442847"}