BLM co-founder on #DefundThePolice, Breathe Act

Patrisse Cullors talks about the social justice movement, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her book "When They Call You A Terrorist."
6:34 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for BLM co-founder on #DefundThePolice, Breathe Act
Jen on her Instagram @drjashton. Our next guest now is one of the biggest leaders of the current civil rights movement, she's at the fore front of the revolution fighting for for equality and criminal justice reforms, she joins us now, the co-founder of the black lives matter, movement, patrisse cullors 37 so good to have you. Would love to hear from you, moments before and folks didn't have a lot of faith that it might turn into a movement, but after George Floyd, do you think this moment and movement is going to be different? Thanks so much for having me this morning. Yes, I absolutely believe this moment is different from other moments over the last seven years, we've seen people hit the streets, show up at protests, demand change, and some of the most extraordinary ways over the last several months, and I'm very proud of the work of young people and of -- and intergenerational movement that's led by black folks in this historic time. Patrisse, you created the #defundthepolice. You know it's become politicized and controversial, what does that phrase mean to you, "Defund the police"? It means something really simple and I talk to so many people about this phrase, defund the police. We spent the last 30 years pouring all of our money and dollars into the punitive laws and punishment culture and what we're really calling for in this generation is, we need to re-evaluate how we see public safety, we need to re-evaluate why the police are receiving all of the dollars when it comes to city budgets and we need to reallocate those dollars back into social services, people need to have access to adequate housing, public education, adequate food, adequate safety measures, and so that's really the call when we say "Defund the police." And you're also calling on Democrats now to adopt the breathe act, tell us what the act calls for specifically. Yes, the breathe act is the modern-day civil rights act, it's an act that was developed by the movement for black lives and the policy table. Many of us said we cannot have just protest in this movement, we need legislative action so we're calling for the democratic party, especially after the elections, to adopt the breathe act and it's really looking at a full divestment out of policing, out of incarceration and a re-investment into our communities, into housing, into public education, into healthy food for our communities. That's what the breathe act is asking for. They do have, you speak about the breathe act, but they did pass breonna's law in Louisville after breonna Taylor's death, that ends no-knock warrants, also that $12 million settlement that the city of Louisville is going to pay now to the family of breonna Taylor. We hear those two things, yet the officers haven't been arrested in that case, do you think, and again justice can look a lot of ways, and mean a lot of things, but where do you put that on the scales of justice, given there has some reform actually in that town? It's one minor step to what we see as a necessary overhaul of our current criminal legal system. One, our current criminal legal system really does focus only on policing and courthouses and jailhouses, we want to transform that system and we want to get our communities more, we want our communities to have way more than a badge and a gun. Patrisse, I know that you're releasing a young adult version of your "The New York Times" bestselling book "When they call you a terrorist." What do you hope young people will be able to take away from this book? I was a young activist and I started my activism at 16 years old, I want young people to know movement leaders out here who are two decades older than them are here to support them. I want my book to be a supportive voice for young activists, I want people to be able to read my book and say, I can join this movement, too, it's not inaccessible. We need everybody to join this movement right now so my book is really calling for a young generation to keep going, we see you, we love you, we think you're doing amazing work. And Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing and just her, I mean her lifetime of work. There's something to be said and some influence in the black lives matter movement, she's been a fighter for justice and equality and that's essentially what your movement has been about, where do you place Ruth Bader Ginsburg, maybe even personally, for how she had a kind of influence on your activism? I just sent my deepest condolences to the family of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they're mourning not just who she was to them but who she was to all of us and the world. She was a trail blazing catalyst for so much change, voting rights, general equality, equal protections around the law for our communities. She is a powerful force. Her dying wish was that the president hold off on bringing in a new supreme court justice and my hope and desire is that we can make sure that that dying wish is completed. And if it's not, if 45 does decide to in fact appoint a new supreme court justice we need to hit the streets and protest that. We need to make sure that we get all of the equality that we deserve and so I'm so, you know, grateful and hopeful that we'll be able to show up differently this time, if in fact 45 gets a new supreme court justice in office. Patrisse cullors, I know you're going to see you again down the road. Hope you come back here any time. Thank you so much. We certainly want our viewers to know that the young adult version of "When they call you a terrorist," will be available September 29th. Still ahead here on "Gma3" -- cruising in the era of

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{"duration":"6:34","description":"Patrisse Cullors talks about the social justice movement, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her book \"When They Call You A Terrorist.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73169733","title":"BLM co-founder on #DefundThePolice, Breathe Act","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/blm-founder-defundthepolice-breathe-act-73169733"}