Celebrity chef Dale Talde’s spring green curry with shrimp

The “Top Chef” star teaches us how to make a green curry in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.
4:55 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for Celebrity chef Dale Talde’s spring green curry with shrimp
Next guest of the renowned chef author and judge them season of the Emmy award winning show top ships. That's right and today he's showing us how to make a delicious meal in honor of Asian American and Pacific islander heritage month so please welcome Shep. Still tall they shut things are being with us and you're coming actually to us from your restaurant. It's called juice that there it's in Tarrytown New York mayor of the town very well beautiful up there why in the name goose feather. So that name came from a Chinese proverb. That Tom means like a small gesture can mean me very big thing and that's what we thought this restaurant could be could be a smaller restaurant. That would mean a big thing in our community so that's for the name comes from well that is pretty cool if you have a dish here that I am addicted. Dis by the title of your screen green curry. With shrimp and white rice high L making this tonight you're making a force now. South out of there. Sir so I love this dish the credits are really quick and easy way to get dinner on the table. 62030 minutes and you know you can use different protein transport chicken or beef so in this can. Sizzling away I've got a little bit of sugar and some oil on adding green curry now generally I make my own Curry's but futile I have but two year old and I know that getting food on the table. Quickly. Is is is is of you know it's it's it's kind of a job for a lot of people so buying a store but green curry for something like this Tommy not Tuesday or Wednesday meal at the fantastic way to go about this. Self in the pan I've just added ginger and garlic. And we're gonna sweat that out a little bit it's gonna pop princess though I've got one green Chile. It's. You know depending on how much he likes to chop it up if you flick a lot of heat. I'm gonna add a little bit of fish sauce this is kind of like one of my magic ingredients for this. There's something really magical to happen when you do fish sauce and coconut milk and sugar. Com. This is a really big part of this dish because it's. It's what's gonna give you a lot of mommy a depth of flavor and a lot of assault and goes and it is dish so we've cooked out the ginger the garlic the sugar. And we've just added coconut milk and this is gonna come up so Boyle and basically. That's your sauce. And you feel free to add whatever and vegetables that you like. And whatever is in season right now we're gonna put some onions and some tomatoes. We're gonna put the shrinking now because this takes up very short amount of time to cook. Com and this is all but a comfortable once the shrimp is done that's when I hadn't come kind of be soft vegetables. Pease the Sperry guess we're gonna add some hopeful win now because once this comes so boil. This is really going to be done. And ready to plate and I service simply with a little bit a white rice. And you but you few feel free to use some you know noodles or really cross the crusty bread with this does kind of sop up quality. The others coconut milk and now this green curry. That your Jamaica right now and this is going to be a little frothy and that's what it's supposed to be nurse was a soak up on the rice to the brighter than it was a sort of soak up this beautiful broth. I love the aegis and you can suck it up. Within The Sims break and that's sounds like from here but from the deep south side enough for the that if you get that we stayed on their butts huge balloon to hounds are little guy at a he will learn it alluded to how versatile this recipe is. Yeah it's not like you can kind of play with it and put a lot of what you like into it and and come to something pretty delicious. A 100% if you move you know you're not a big shrimp fan if you want chicken you know very lately thinly sliced chicken breasts. You know flank steak would work perfectly fine with this or keep this vegetarian. One as well heavy hit. How long do you let them that brought go before you put in the four you put in the strip huddled do you need. That's ago. You know it's really wants the coconut milk and the curry and the the sugar had dissolved inside this profits ready to go. Obviously if you wait you you know want to build some more flavor. You can medical a little longer but that curry it's a prepackaged. That's a prepackaged. Ingredient. Its way to go hosted often a little bit oil and it's really done it's really find uses marinade or a dressing for. A salad. Humble we're you know obviously we using to hear what coconut milk but once it's dissolved come this Curry's ready to go and don't be afraid of home. You know once once you have own use a little bit of it freezes ill they'll last for awhile. Well it looks delicious I feel like we can smell it in taste from. Here chef dale how they thinking so much for joining us today and for every one TJ you wanna take notice of yet all recipe we have those details on our FaceBook page you don't have to call shift yeah. Right they're feeling that you have to think I'm making this tonight night I.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"The “Top Chef” star teaches us how to make a green curry in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77485672","title":"Celebrity chef Dale Talde’s spring green curry with shrimp","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/celebrity-chef-dale-taldes-spring-green-curry-shrimp-77485672"}