Connecticut governor on Trump’s comments, ‘concerning’ COVID-19 uptick

Ned Lamont called on Republicans to hold the president to the right standard and said all teachers and students should get tested regularly.
2:36 | 09/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Connecticut governor on Trump’s comments, ‘concerning’ COVID-19 uptick
Thank you, Kyra. Connecticut's covid positivity rate remain under 1% for most of the summer, but it's reached or surpassed that number ever since. Governor Ned Lamont has called this trend concerning. The governor joins me now. Governor Lamont, thank you so much for being with us today. Before we discuss covid-19, I do want to get your reaction to president trump, he wouldn't commit to a peaceful transition of power if he's not re-elected. The Republicans were downplaying it by saying the president says yaz sy stuff, they insist that there will be a peaceful transition. What is your reaction to the president? My reaction is, it's time for the Republicans to stop downplaying his outrageous. Ever since George Washington, the peaceful transfer of power is hallmark of our democracy. So hold the president the right standard. Governor, let's talk about covid-19, the positivity rate as we mentioned in Connecticut reached 1.5% this week, what do you think is behind this uptick? Concerning, but not -- we're at about 0.8%. Now we're at 1.1% over the last seven days, that's our rolling average, one of the lowest in the country, so it's a slight uptick. I think it's probably related to the fact that our colleges are coming back, you kno we're a college-rich state, thousands of kids from all over the country, including some from more infected states. I feel pretty good overall, our college infection rate has stayed low. Three weeks into schools being open we're in pretty good shape. I also know this week, finally, you announced the creation of an advisory group that's going to vet the safety of a vaccine if one is approved by the fda. What concerns do you have about a vaccine that requires vetting? I think operation warp speed, that very name coming out of the white house for developing a vaccine, gave some people up here the concern that maybe corners were being cut. So we're going to follow the lead of the CDC and the fda and the pharmaceutical companies and we're going to have our own independent group led by leading epidemiologists, take a look at the vaccine and not offer it to people until we know it's safe and effective. All right, governor Ned Lamont, we really appreciate your time. Thank you for joining us. Nice to see you, Amy.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Ned Lamont called on Republicans to hold the president to the right standard and said all teachers and students should get tested regularly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73244988","title":"Connecticut governor on Trump’s comments, ‘concerning’ COVID-19 uptick","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/connecticut-governor-trumps-comments-covid-19-uptick-73244988"}