'Dancing with the Stars' pro shares tips for healthy living

Dancer Louis Van Amstel teaches you fun and easy ways to get in shape for the summer.
4:24 | 06/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing with the Stars' pro shares tips for healthy living
The world reopens and summer begins our next guest has been helping people find your passion for fitness and building self confidence. Former Dancing With The Stars pro Louis van cam still is here to tell us. All about it. Yes I have heard how you damn America. Good morning and then he gets you for having me. Well thank you for being here with us where we're excited talk about love blast you actually started this fitness program ten years ago. And then of course you're Dancing With The Stars partner Kelly Osborne. Transformed. Her body so tell us how her journey has inspired the program. And how it evolved during this pandemic. Well dad hate the nine with Kelly was one of the most specialties that have brought debt at the start and that's what purely because. Well be emotional. Journey and when you think of working out you think of the physical help you go to the gym workout your muscles and off you go. But I learned through that season with Kelly every week she built her confident. And she became a great dancer by the end of the shelling teammate despite all you would be underdog and that became the premise for the black band trip that. Two are really let the world know. Dan does that in anyway shape or form and what we focus on is the emotional self because let's face it. If you like and love what you do you one more of it and that this famous statement if you enjoy the work out. You want to do it more and you want to ask you dare to explore and that's really what would do it. Damn it we explore all these emotions were from different dances. From the pocket don't Blake quickstep that jive. And god lead to about twenty at the Sundance wouldn't start. So we do 28 and sit idly with. Low blatt now during the pandemic we started doing. Low blood five days a week we offered them for free. Because we felt the need to keep people staying at home people who are lonely people are in need of something and again. Saying Sudan with the start I had this opportunity crate this program for anyone whether or who wanted to stop the world open again we stopped. And then many people are actually asking I would pay for that well now we officially have low blast on demand. What you help people feel that through some of these dance moves you gonna show what the couple here and you incorporate some of the Dancing With The Stars garage every so when we're gonna let you take it away kind of talk our viewer through it can't quickly. Well I've already started at jive as one of the most popular dances that great regarding health and it affects your free dance week playing and of course we have the case. And I'm you'd think a lot of the movement that people if they are dead with a thigh pad. The hill we'll come back in September headed kid who raised one you'll feel that freedom of movement and then of course people love. What brought that they'll play and one of them Barnes. So broke we all use all pro celebrity. Welker there's one bottle cork businesses built fitness. Cook we throw in the luncheon. But that's right Hamas it looked really gives you the freedom for a few minutes so it really get it didn't do. They felt the emotional self. And right now. You're there might like that Laurie out of breath yeah you can add some wasted but still I think the waste behind you. Well it wouldn't be a full body workout if there is no way trade is felt even with quick step. We could call come collected. We do weight training. And whether you do. Death pendulum jumped all the jumping Jack with the case which is the popular a lot of depth with the dark we are working. The whole body it. And of course we can do merengue would you bite that girls we even tried an extension. Well later this sexy rumba. I wouldn't rod raises. Their product and then. It doesn't matter we do it all every day. I love it I love I like this sexy romp ballwind with the -- working the biceps unimpressive Louis they hate won't so close so much. Loved last may and is available to purchase for all ages online. A new sexy rumba. You can pick had me expecting Rama.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Dancer Louis Van Amstel teaches you fun and easy ways to get in shape for the summer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78267986","title":"'Dancing with the Stars' pro shares tips for healthy living","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/dancing-stars-pro-shares-tips-healthy-living-78267986"}