‘Deals and Steals’ from Black-owned businesses

Tory Johnson has incredible deals on beauty products, candles, cookies and more.
5:12 | 02/03/21

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Transcript for ‘Deals and Steals’ from Black-owned businesses
Welcome back, and it's time for "Deals & steals," where we partner with companies to bring our viewers incredible savings and Tory Johnson is here as usual with the deals on products you didn't even realize you needed that you were missing and thbest part of it all, these products are from black-owned small businesses. So let's check in with Tory with more on these bargains and first we have the foot nanny? The foot nanny. That is Gloria Williams. Back from the harpo days, Oprah Winfrey show day, she became Oprah's personal manicurist, pedicurist, and over time, she developed these specific foot cream, beloved by Oprah. But I really want to give Gloria a shout-out because anyone can launch a business if Oprah loves it but it is really hard to sustain year after year after year and that's what Gloria has done. She has built a really loyal following because the foot creams work. They soothe tired sore feet. They're awesome for overnight. Slather on your feet, put on some socks and wake up with nice feet and six items and all slashed in half to $24. And made in America. Made in America. That's great. Next we have beauty stack Yes, this one was founded by a cosmetic chemist, so he had extensive industry, experience, in the industry, and he was able to finds the areas where there was deficiencies, opportunities, that he could find, to create products that were sort of better than everything else out there and that's what you get - with these beauty products. There are two in particular that I love. One is the vitamin C skin refiner, 20% vitamin C, it has three patents, it's won almost every beauty award, beloved by the makeup and skin care industry, introduced to me by our own gma glam team. There's also an awesome face oil that's fabulous for just a great glow. All of the products are terrific. Today, they're 50% off. They start at $19.50 and from Ron Robertson, free shipping. That's a great deal. I love that. And next, we have some scrunchies, turbans, head bands, tell us about it. Yes, this company is grace eleyae, started by an awesome woman and she has her mom and her sister working for her. This is a really strong family-owned, women-run, just smart, savvy, creative women, and they created this satin lined cap that is unbelievable for sleeping to prevent frizz and bedhead. Kind of keeps the moisture in your hair, so you wake up with hair as pretty as you went to sleep. They also have really awesome turbans that they've developed, with beautiful patterns, head bands, satin scrunchies, a delightful assortment that makes -- you don't have to sacrifice style, and hair care. All of the products, 50% off, so today, they start at $8.50. All right. Tory, let's turn to the candles. Soy candles. Candles. Sugar and grace. This was started by a woman after she discovered that the candles she was burning were giving her migraines. So she said I love candles. I'm going to create my own. These are all made from so I, and natural ingredients, that are hand poured in Virginia, 55 hours of burn time, five different very unique scents. One that I hope that will be put in there, my personal favorite, my self care candle, hinting of rose water, lavender, melon, a beautiful line with a terrific following and today is a great day to buy them because they're 50% off, $12. We do have the self care, and there is also a mini self care too. My boyfriend's t-shirt and between the sheets, all the names they gave us here. I'll take one of them home at least. We got books here as well. Tory, what do we have? This is a good one for to you take home. This is a company called the kid's book about, and I think there are a lot of topics that would be awesome for you and one of Oprah's favorite things. These are about important difficult topics where they don't speak down to kids so they're empowering, challenging, awesome titles, very important subjects. Great for kids 5 to 9 years old, generally in that range. All 50% off, so $10 today, and several titles should be on everyone's list for today. And finally, we're ending on a sweet note, from Dr. Shica, this is her gourmet dessert boss, this is a woman who lost her job from covid back in March. She always baked on the side. And saw this as a perfect opportunity to deliver goodness in a box. To pursue her passion full time, she has a bakery in downtown los Angeles. The more we buy, the more jobs, so even though Amy it's not keto-friendly, the fact that they're delicious and they provide jobs, and it really is a critical time. It is a reason to indulge. There's two different options that all, both include her hot chocolate cookie, that's what put her on the map. So choose the gourmet assortment, or the vegan gourmet assortment, they're slashed in half, today, the box is $42.50 and free shipping. Thank you, Tory, as always and we partner with these amazing companies on these great deal, to get yours today visit our website for all of the best deals.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Tory Johnson has incredible deals on beauty products, candles, cookies and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75661105","title":"‘Deals and Steals’ from Black-owned businesses","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/deals-steals-black-owned-businesses-75661105"}