‘Deals & Steals’ on everyday tech solutions

Tory Johnson has the gadgets you need to solve your tech problems at home.
5:00 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for ‘Deals & Steals’ on everyday tech solutions
It's time now for "Deals & steals" where we partner with companies to bring our viewers incredible savings and Tory Johnson, of course, is here with deals on products that will give you everyday tech solutions to your everyday problems. So let's check in with Tory for more about these bargains. Tory, I got so excited. This was made for me. She did. A cooler and a speaker with L.E.D. Lights all in one? All in one, what more could you ask for, so this company is called Kobel and all about sound, ambience and portability. You can illuminate any room anywhere, even outdoors, to just bring some light and some joy all of the products, I hope as you see have so many lights and different modes as well so there's flash, strobe, fade and dance depending on what your mood is and a variety of sizes and options including that one with the ice bucket. All 50% off and start at $30 today. So cool. All right. This next deal involves a charging station that looks pretty cool with a shelf. It's so cool. So it's called socket shelf and it allows you to create shelf space and get extra outlets anywhere so it only uses one outlet but it will instantly give you six additional outlets as well as two USB ports to charge devices and then also that little shelf there. So instead of charging and putting your phone in your device on the floor or sometimes in the bathroom there is no extra shelf space and you need it so you've got shelf space, plus the extra outlets, great for any room and has a built-in surge protection and L.E.D. Indicator. You'll get two of them for $25. Okay, those are super cool. I mean, T.J. Even kind of had his jaw drop there with this one and then the world's thinnest charger? This is a very thin charger. It's called clutch. It's the size of a couple of credit cards so it's really easy to carry in your purse, wallet, pocket. A great opportunity to have this on the go to keep you charged. It also includes the charging cable as well as L.E.D. Indicators. We have them for iPhone and android so choose what's appropriate for your device. Today they're $25. Oh, my. Tory, I have table envy right now. She has great stuff. That's all right. That's all right. We're going to top it with our table. We have an accessible or accessory for our cell phones. Where do you want to start here. Yeah, so that is the onyx grip and it is one of the easiest and most secure ways to carry your phone. So it's a grip that is safe for holding, texting, taking selfies, whatever it is and great because it can be used as a kickstand on a table top so if you are zooming, talking, watching videos you don't have to worry about what to prop your phone up with and all kinds of accessories for your phone from this company such as card carrier, phone wallets, big assortment. All 50% off starting at $5. My table is good too. Let's move on. What do we got? Some -- I don't know exactly what I'm looking at. I it a purse? What is this? This might not be your thing but for a lot of people this is it from a company called save the girls and these are cell phone purses so what's cool about these, there's a touch screen at the back of the purse so that you can put your phone right in there and then through that screen you can text, you can talk, you can use your phone without having to remove it. So it protects your phone from everything, from germs, dirt. Most importantly it keeps you from losing your phone because it's always right there, accessible, but protected. We have a big variety of styles from this band as well today all 50% off. They start at $15. Pink with the tassels, robes, I think that's my jam. Last item on the table. Last is my tagalongs and this is for organizers, so if you're already an organizer you will love this. If you need help this is for you. They're all neoprene cases and we've got a really big assortment and so many different uses. So originally they were designed to store all of your tech cords in kind of their neat places so didn't get all jumbled and messed up but also work for beauty products, for packing, for baby supplies on the go. There's even storage options, just for keeping things neat inside of a drawer to know where all those pieces are. Beautiful assortment. Sleek, chic and all products are slashed in half and start at just $5. Tory, good stuff, as always. Thank you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry you weren't at the top, T.J. No. She was fighting for that -- I don't think we could have kept robach away from that cooler with the lights and the dance music. I get it. You get it. Tory, thank you so much, and to our viewers, we partnered with all these amazing companies. To get your great deals today, visit our website for all the

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Tory Johnson has the gadgets you need to solve your tech problems at home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76088830","title":"‘Deals & Steals’ on everyday tech solutions","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/deals-steals-everyday-tech-solutions-76088830"}