‘Deals and Steals’ on women-owned small businesses

Tory Johnson features savings on lotions, footcare products and more for Women’s History Month.
5:02 | 03/03/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Deals and Steals’ on women-owned small businesses
Covanta okay. Pitted Whitfield in snails we've partnering here with companies to bring our viewers incredible savings and Tory Johnson as its satellite on women's history month celebrating women. Homes small business this so let's check can't take Torre how you don't Percival. Hi I'm great I'm excited about this particular segments are you ready teaching. Let's do it and we are talking prayer aren't easily that you know we needs of prayer around here is the telephone yeah. Yeah as though this is a really awesome company based in Chicago's colleges Barack. And what's great outlet Benes is it easy an excessively priced for everybody it's beautiful handmade. Little up clay beads it is he around the edges and then there's a magnetic. Little charm. Box that holds a little prayer a little wish it comes with a paper has created to be able to insert them. Best of all they deserve assortment today the prices are forced. You know it's close as you can write your own messaging give it to someone in the on the front says don't worry about anything instead pray about everything so there you go. Torrid next up here have something would a body moisturizer woman donates. Yes this is a mother's Shea it's a mother daughter team from rough landing. And Amy an incredibly. Moisturizing balm and you can use it all over what's great about this particular company is that they are integrated. With. Every detail of their products for the treat to the shelf. So they really know where their ingredients are coming from who is growing those ingredients how those ingredients are getting to them. It's all clean ingredients and it's really loaded with vitamins an eight EF. And Kate to help moisturize skin there are trios and rose or Vanilla those of their two most popular a trio today is ten dollars. Right out fast and you hear that ATF and KL those items must in the fifth regret. All right and Leslie here. And Tories to see my dressing room it's full of candles that you've presented to us and I think improbable and add these as well also got. Not only are these camel's amazing but southern elegance candle company isn't really special one it's based general rural area in North Carolina they are proud that everything in that candle comes from other local businesses so the label's been charged detained every element they provide jobs in this area that would otherwise not have much employment so not only is it a special company but the soy candles are phenomenal. They've got all kinds of scent than a little bit of southern charm lavender easily named peach and more. Fetus sort it today these prices at fifty. Range from five to fourteen dollars coastal waters. We recognized one Medicaid are right Torre we've got locker lifestyle this is good for people on the run yes. This is good I think that you at a green at this time this isn't a great company. Tease stash yourself when you're on the go so whether keeping it closed on your risk there's even as a Rick's wallet that will hold your phone or your credit card your key whatever is when you're on the go. They also have a really Great Neck -- that you could store a little valuable in there and many of great head bands that also have the buttons on the am submitting your money you don't want your mask around your ears or you're just out doing an Aaron you know you have to be ready and you could be going to the office wherever you are you're wearing a mask and you want to alleviated from around your ears the button holes are great huge assortment from his company today also slashing half starting ten dollars are right so these next product are. And swing either knew or should not looking at that key stocks after. You get a no show socks from key stocks at this since at Cincinnati Ohio based company started to friends who want it to be able to Wear socks to get that comfort and protection of Sox. But without the law where they were wearing. Heels Hamas this is at ballet flats Mary Jean think about any of the shoes where your foot at it appears that the top. See you don't want the soft shell but he's still want to know blisters no pulling no tugging and that's what these deliver their awesome even have them for kids who beat east she used. 50% off east today starting at five dollars and then our flat still Amy keeping with that feat FEMA. Barefoot scientific meet some of the best products for foot care it's a Los Angeles based company couple at their stand out they make a blisters rate that's great. To prevent blisters. They have a sleet sock is jell lines it has a just an unbelievable road sexy sleep with them at night wake up with soft feet. And a really good sigh of relief it's a terrific cream to help alleviate swelling pain just a really great for treatment that out and makes sure. All of these products 50% off. So today they start at seven dollars thank you so much Torre and we should mention to everyone we have partnered with these amazing companies and all of these deal for the get yours today you can visit our website. Born all the best deal.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"Tory Johnson features savings on lotions, footcare products and more for Women’s History Month.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76229526","title":"‘Deals and Steals’ on women-owned small businesses","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/deals-steals-women-owned-small-businesses-76229526"}