Emmanuel Acho on how to talk to your kids about race and racism

The bestselling author talks about his new book, “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy.”
3:53 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for Emmanuel Acho on how to talk to your kids about race and racism
Our next guest is smiling either but I got to talk to these neglect. How are you whoever didn't go all the ground we don't you will change subjects right yes turning to our next guest who has. Jumped into topics many people do their best envoy to meet the perfect person let's make this transition with us but his online series uncomfortable conversations with the black man. Got a lot of people talking and that is just what he was hoping. Yes they'll second book is out how this time he's talking to children's cold on comfortable conversations with a black boy he is here with us the man yelled. Fox Joey on public good to see you once again what white kids why Hawaii. What conversation needs to be had with kids now. Day it is imperative. Compare it to. We get to the youth because youth are the root of the matter I look at it like this if you want to change the trees you could cut off the branches you could. Flush down the leaves but it's best you tackle the root and if we want to address. The roots of racism in our society is best we tackle BUDJI went to a predominantly white high school grow enough and often heard. Emanuel you don't even talk like you're black a manual you're like an Oreo black on the outside white on the inside keys they weren't told the world what I heard. The Latin next community reached out to me and said Emanuel we often hurt girl like a coconut. Browned on the outside white. Bobby inside and that's what I realized. If we can discard and dismantle racial ignorance racial insensitivity. Reformist charters and took full blown racism. And we will all be better off at the society. So a man and we we hear your. Passion that we know what your goal is how does this book help achieve that how is this book used as a tool for parents and for children to do what your hoping a duke does closing that racial divide. And talking about things that people don't know what they don't know basically. Yeah well you can you can't fix a problem you don't know we exist and so how does this book help achieve it. Let's identified. A problem we all have racial ignorance is an racial bias I Gil your back but until we can't identify the problem. Then we can't fix the problem anything to learned can be learned anything taught in theory can be on taught me so I want to give parents the tools. To acquit themselves to quit their teenagers twelve to 1610 to fourteen to ask. Adequately combat some of these thoughts and subconscious thoughts that they Kyrie would come along the way each and every day. While I mean that was so beautiful I hate to make this left turn what kind of have to because we have to talk about the bachelor and Manuel I mean. We saw you stepping into that final episode. Every one I think was applauding. All what you brought to the shows of the big question is are we gonna see more review are you the next wolves are you a future host of the bachelor where do you stand on all back. Better the great question I'm hosting a battle of incredibly exciting the toughest thing I've had to do on television and body. More I can go back to good use a lot of work you know on diversity as far as aren't camera. But also behind that seems so if they call in as they call idol gleefully picked up the phone. But I. A twelve. Up you know I got stuck on just look at look like when you gleefully pick up. Smith is among his record neck Caldwell I don't like everything Ayala does this with police. I'm not doing that took but I don't America always good as the young fellow always appreciate you of the show here ma'am we'll see you down the road on my brother. You don't write the book is called uncle got decision but they black boys available everywhere today wherever books are sold.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"The bestselling author talks about his new book, “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77485673","title":"Emmanuel Acho on how to talk to your kids about race and racism","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/emmanuel-acho-talk-kids-race-racism-77485673"}