Europe may welcome American travelers this summer

Officials overseas are looking at a possible restoration of transatlantic travel for Americans who are fully vaccinated.
2:19 | 04/26/21

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Transcript for Europe may welcome American travelers this summer
We want to turn now to ABC's Kyra Phillips in D.C. For us with all of the latest headlines. Kyra, good afternoon. We begin here with the growing coronavirus emergency overseas. We're talking about the dire situation in India right now. Infections and deaths skyrocketing there, daily. So the Biden administration is now partially lifting a ban on exports to allow vaccines, ventilators and other equipment to get there to help slow the pace of that massive virus surge. The new concern is a variant could emerge there that renders our vaccines useless. We'll follow it. And also, back here at home, seven deputies are on administrative leave as the death of Andrew brown in Elizabeth city, in north Carolina, is being investigated. The sheriff and the family calling for the body cam video to be released, and they're also waiting on a court order in order to review that video. The community is demanding answers in that police killing of the father of seven during what officers call a drug-related arrest warrant. We have the new ABC news/"washington post" poll on president Joe Biden's job performance as he approaches the 100-day mark in office. 52% of Americans approving how he has led the country so far. Biden getting high marks on his handling of the pandemic, at 64%, but six out of ten of those polled do want to see more bipartisanship and compromise out of the white house. And Europe may be about to be ready to welcome American travelers back in with open arms. That's according to a report in "The New York Times." Officials overseas looking at a possible restoration of trans-atlantic travel, especially for Americans who have been fully vaccinated. Now, European union officials say the idea is still in progress, but Amy, I say we pack our bags, stand by patiently and throw a dart at a map, and we prepare to take the show on a road trip. I'm in, I've been doing a happy dance ever since that came out because I already have my flight booked and a whole trip planned so I was positively thinking, got my vaccination card ready to show the officials. You're on your way, my friend. I'll be there with you, by the way. We're climbing a mountain. I'm in, I'm in. You said it here. We have a lot more right

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Officials overseas are looking at a possible restoration of transatlantic travel for Americans who are fully vaccinated. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77322077","title":"Europe may welcome American travelers this summer","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/europe-american-travelers-summer-77322077"}