Expert tips for dating and finding love in 2021

Relationship expert Rachel DeAlto helps a viewer navigate her way through dating in the pandemic.
4:47 | 01/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Expert tips for dating and finding love in 2021
All right, we are back, get it done in 2021. We follow-up our faith Friday guest with another faith segment kind of, sort of, we are helping singles searching for their soul mate during a pandemic. Yes, dating hasn't been necessarily easy this past year hasn't helped a lot of folks. And how you are supposed to date with social distancing and wearing a mask and you can't really see the person you're going after and bars and restaurants closing and it made meeting someone new a new challenge. Pretty tough out there. How can looking for love this year, navigate the challenges of dating in a new normal and we have relationship expert Rachel dealto, and thanks for being with us, and a lot of people, when they make their new year's resolution, I'm going to find love, I will find my soul mate, how do you do it in these times with all of those restrictions that we're all living with? Yes, there are so many different situations happening now for daters than typically would be starting off our new year, but it is actually an amazing time to get online. Even if you've never done it before, this is the busiest time of the year every year, but especially now with covid, and quarantine, and certain situations, everybody's online. Sounds so easy, doesn't it? Michelle, a viewer, single, trying to get out there during this time. So Michelle, you heard what she just said but you have a question for her, so tell us what's going on with you and ask your question. Hi, yes, I'm Michelle, I'm 41 years old. Never been married, and I don't have any kids. I would love some tips on how to navigate through this pandemic dating world situation, more specifically, how to ask those hard questions, kind of like what the stance on masks are, and when and if we should meet up in person. Yes, so that is something I'm hearing from a lot of daters. There's so much uncertainty in terms of how do I approach these situations, and I just want to say that you're not alone, but also, be unapologetic, in what you are wanting, in that dating situation. I say let people know off the bat, put it in your profile, a lot of apps are actually including it as an option, am I going to show up on the date with a mask on, am I willing to date in person, do I want to keep it virtual, which has been something we never really dealt with before, but starting in 2020, virtual dating became a huge component of dating online. And never before has that dating profile been more important, because everything at least initially starts out virtual, so do you have tips for Michelle and other people now, entering into this new way of dating on how to improve those profiles? I do. Even if you've been dating online for a while, it is time to refresh. I always say put three to five pictures up. Make sure it's of you so no more of those group shots where we're like wait, which one is the one that I'm talking to? Can't figure that out. Guys, stop taking pictures in the bathroom. We don't want to see your shower curtain or your toilet. And make sure that you're smiling and showing a positive side of yourself. One thing I have to say with pictures is we have to cycle out the travel pictures, because one, if they are accurate, then they're probably from two years ago, and if they are recent, then it becomes that lightning rod of conversation, because again, everybody has different risk tolerances and there can be people like, I want to date someone who is traveling right now, just take them out of the profile, we want to see you, and also stay positive. 2020 was rough. I get it. But starting off your profile and saying 2020 was awful, I hope 2021 isn't as bad, it is probably not the way to attract a mate. Rachel, that's a thing, guys are taking pictures in the bathroom? That's just, they just don't think about it? We're not smart like that or what? I think guys don't really take a lot of selfies as much as women do, so they end up taking a bathroom picture because it's the only mirror in their house and it's so bad. It's either that or a tiger. No tigers, no bathrooms. All right, I had no idea. I just learned something. Well, I guess Michelle, you're good to go now, I guess the take-away is avoid the dudes with the bath room pics, right? Right. There's more to it than that. Are you ready, though, and are you about to get off this interview and go right to the I'm ready. I'm ready. Bring it, 2021. I'm ready to date. There it is, Michelle. We will have her information posted later on our website. I'm kidding, Michelle. I'm kidding. But thanks to you both for being here, Michelle. Good luck. Rachel, thank you so much for being with us as well. We hope to see you both down the road somewhere. Have a good weekend. You too.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Relationship expert Rachel DeAlto helps a viewer navigate her way through dating in the pandemic. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75428152","title":"Expert tips for dating and finding love in 2021","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/expert-tips-dating-finding-love-2021-75428152"}