Famous artist goes viral for buying art from unemployed artists

Guy Stanley Philoche is paying it forward to help struggling artists.
2:31 | 11/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Famous artist goes viral for buying art from unemployed artists
With the successful artists winning new attention not just for the work on his own canvas before its commitment supporting the work of so many DoubleTree. Me now guy Stanley can. So my r.'s friends right now. I'm looking to find as much hard work past Kosovo. I guess what do my small cars are. Save my life. And so many ways you know come here really X yeah I believe so she shoots that down I ninety sure. After a day off why did bow myself. And going to buy as much our Kosovo every myself I. So my flaws he became parents myself gaining let's go back and indirectly from Narsai accidents Saturday break. I've been cheating especially now program when years are really did save my life any hack people open their doors for me now. The twin years actually have a seat at a table. Work is why he's sorry let dean RX com 20 victory helping other artists. Is out there I just got off a solo show. I'm a cavalier gallery that was really well and sold out show and I really want to do something nice for myself. I had my eye on this Munich beautiful locks. I'm truly beautiful Rolex watch and then just Limbaugh to pull the trigger and you know and dropped 151000 dollars on his watch added a friends call me the restaurant days working out just close down he's got laid off basically. I'm so I decided that I pay with city I'm coming over and what's his apartment. And I. Society fisons artwork my helpless is basically just making sure that people act of groceries and she's had diapers and food. So I basically you know use my platform and it's Ingraham. I mean if call out sick it's looking to buy as much art as possible. So the enemy symbols of your work. And if I likewise see you know I will purchase it and seeing is that polls that. Eight pretty much went viral and next to you know my phone just kept ringing off the hook. We are what animals to amazing. We were departs about helping these guys is I'm distant as the emails I've been getting her ego. He notes is slate you know he had never yeah this is the first meaning they're so big so much. I don't artist Leo and and and this is my community and then how community. What an incredible story certainly have the catches on today in these times to add it to be going on if they have the regulations yes.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Guy Stanley Philoche is paying it forward to help struggling artists.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74379730","title":"Famous artist goes viral for buying art from unemployed artists","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/famous-artist-viral-buying-art-unemployed-artists-74379730"}