From frumpy to fab: hottest fashion trends for 2021

Stylist Denise Caldwell shows you how to go from pajamas and loungewear to fashionable in the new year.
4:41 | 01/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for From frumpy to fab: hottest fashion trends for 2021
We are back with our "Get it done in 2021" series. And today we're going to show you how to level up your lounge wear. I like that. All right, we have three looks that will elevate your comfort pieces to make them fashionable and functional to get you feeling good in the new year. The style expert with more than a decade of experience working with Hollywood's elite, like Beyonce and j.lo and now she has robach and Holmes she can add to her list. She makes those red carpet trends wearable for every day, there she is, with a big smile on her face, hello Denise Caldwell. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. So Denise, we obviously saw fashion completely change in 2020 because of the pandemic, working at home, a lot of people staying in their pajamas, their lounge wear. So what can we expect to see in 2021? And please don't say leggings and hoodies. Absolutely. We are hitting the reset button on our bodies and minds and let's reset in the wardrobe department, too. Rejuvenating our closet. So we still have things that are comfortable and cozy, but also throwing in a few trends. One of these looks is going to be modeled by Ashley, who is one of our associate producers. So we have some of our staff members modeling some of these, so tell me what I'm looking at here. Oh, yes. So Ashley is wearing the maxi dress. You know, we know the maxi dress, but this year, the trend is joy dressing. And that really means having a pop of personality. So whether it's the pattern, a print, like with Ashley, she has a floral. So this is something -- the dress is from H&M, so it is accessible but also it has a cinch in the waist, so if you've gotten curvier during quarantine, this is great for the body and you can throw on the dress, zip it up, button up and out the door and a polished way to be more comfortable. Very cool. We have another one of our associate producers with this look. Tell us about it. Yes, so the onesie, the ultimate jump suit. This is something that people will be familiar with, because it's something we probably have in our closet already. And she is wearing a jump suit from express, and also wearing the color of 2021 which is gray. Gray is the color we're familiar with. It's calming. It's therapeutic. But it's also something that you can layer really greatly. So you she she has on the jump suit and then we layered it with a cozy sweater from old Navy. So it is giving you a cocoon feel, and you can throw it on and you can belt it and it is very, very monochromatic with that look. So ladies, it is slimming as well. And it is just something you can wear head to toe. You can do 50 shades of different colors of gray and still coordinate it, but a jump suit is something you're familiar with. It is going to give you that alternative to your leggings or your jogging pants and it's also giving you a masculine feminine type of vibe. You said that is something a lot of folks are familiar with. But are they familiar with the shack-it? Yes. What are we talking about here? The shack-it, you got it right. The shirt jacket. And you put those together, and so still giving you the same silhouette of a shirt with the collar, you know, neckline, and then also with the buttons. But the jacket outer wear is where it is a little bit more insulated, and it's a little bit heavier so you can wear it outdoors and that is a little -- we get a little fashion trend with Alli. So you have the faux leather from the online retailer, and you can kind of rock that, and then it is still going to be warm, insulated and layered it with a turtleneck, but another trend is the loose-fitting jeans. You can throw out those skinny jeans right now and definitely wear the loose-fitting jeans. Those are from the brand loft and they have a high-wasted detail so if you're feeling a little bit more curvier in your midsection, that is forgiving as well, a lit bit of stretch to it and loose all the way from your waistline down to your ankles. So it is definitely something that is comfortable as well. And you can keep wearing your favorite slippers with it to be a little more fashion forward, too. I love that. I love the modeling with the slippers. Our staff, they have got it, right? They were amazing modeling all of those clothes. And Denise Caldwell, thank you so much for being here, giving us our 2021 fashion tips. I want to see that jump suit on you, T.J. You went with the jump suit? You know you want it in your closet. The shack-it. I thought you would go with that

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Stylist Denise Caldwell shows you how to go from pajamas and loungewear to fashionable in the new year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75253143","title":"From frumpy to fab: hottest fashion trends for 2021","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/frumpy-fab-hottest-fashion-trends-2021-75253143"}