Geoffrey Zakarian’s tips for stretching groceries

The celebrity chef talks City Harvest and teaches you how to take a food pantry box and stretch the items to create several meals.
4:41 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for Geoffrey Zakarian’s tips for stretching groceries
As the coronavirus crisis has continued to take our country by storm, we've seen a severe increase in food insecurity with more and more households struggling to feed their families. That's right, and thanks to food banks and pantries, families have found support and resources during these difficult months, and our next guest is someone who dedicates much of his time to fighting hunger. And joining us now is chef and partner of the lamb's club Geoffrey Zakarian. Thank you for being with us. We know that you're chairman of city harvest food council. You're very involved in the hunger relief effort. So, tell us what the latest is. How you are guys holding up? How had you handling everything? Thank you, Amy and tj. We are doing the best we can. City harvest is just rocking it. I mean, we've given out this year, since the pandemic almost 100 million pounds of food. It's really incredible. We never thought this was possible. It's just really kind of shocking and good that we need it. We rose to the occasion and every one has done a spectacular job and response to the trucks is amazing and it is not stopping, and we need to continue because this is far from over, actually. So I'm just blessed that I can play a big part of this and help people. Well, congrats and also just thank you, you and your team and the volunteers, for the effort you put in. But so much of what is going on right now is trying to make a meal stretch and you will now stretch some of the items to make several meals and we want to thank the food bank at the Jersey shore for providing some of these items. Let's get started. How do you make this stuff stretch? This is a common relief box that a lot of food banks give and these are shelf stable. Eally important. Some vegetables, but mostly shelf stable, and the milk is dried milk. And $2.70 per person -- I just want to say that again, less than a cup of coffee, per person, we have made 36, 36 portions. These are good-sized portions. Healthy food. Really good. You know, a lot of non-gmo gluten-free with sausage, and cream of mushroom soup, and oregano, parsley. Any kind of pasta, any kind of protein you want. You can make a delicious meal with this box. Now we have cookies. Cookies normally, they're not healthy. These are. Spiced banana raisin oat cookies. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. You can substitute any kind of fruit you want for this, but everything here is shelf stable. Really important. If you don't use it right away, you can put it on the shelf and use it later. We're making a beef bolognaise, with the stock and the tomatoes and vegetables. You can substitute fresh herbs and every veggie you have and you can use bacon if you want but it is really yummy, nutritious and hearty and filling. And shepherd's pie. One of my favorites. Usually made with mashed potatoes, but I made this with leftover mashed potatoes, canned beef stew, chicken stew and the onion. Everything here except for the onion is shelf stable. Of course we need a snack. This is almond bark puppy chow, complete with cereal, chocolate chips, almond butter and you can use any butter you have, nut butter, sun flower butter, peanut butter, anything. But we basically made for $2.77, we fed 100 people. At home, you can feed a family, for $2.77 per person. And you can't go to fast food for $2.77 and get that kind of nutrition and love for your family. So it's really, really important. Again -- we can't say it enough, really -- thank you, and congrats on what you have been able to do, and many of the volunteers that you workith. We are used to having you in the studio so often but we're looking forward to those days coming down the road. Thank you again. Winter harvest carnival. February 25th. It's going to be great fun. It's going to be hosted by my daughters. Thank you. You can head to our Facebook page to get all of Geoffrey's recipes. And up next, right here, on "Gma3," history in a cape. That's right. We're going to meet the first actress to ever play batwoman on the challenges and the fun of playing the iconic role. We'll be back in just a moment. Who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. Now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car. Whether it's a year old or a few years old. We wanna buy your car.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"The celebrity chef talks City Harvest and teaches you how to take a food pantry box and stretch the items to create several meals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75279299","title":"Geoffrey Zakarian’s tips for stretching groceries","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/geoffrey-zakarians-tips-stretching-groceries-75279299"}