Holiday gift ideas from Latin-owned businesses

Beauty influencer Milly Almodovar features skin care products, designer T-shirts and more.
4:03 | 10/14/20

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Transcript for Holiday gift ideas from Latin-owned businesses
All right, we continue to celebrate hispanic heritage month here and we want to shine a light now on some unique and really special hispanic-owned brands. That's right. With the holidays just around the corner, these products are sure to make great gifts this coming season and you can shop knowing that you're supporting hispanic-owned small businesses. That's a great thing. Here to tell us more about these brands is Milly Almodovar. Milly, thank you for being with us. Lovely to have you. Take us through these brands. What do we have up first? First, we start with artist couture and this is created by celebrity makeup artist angel merino, from El Salvador. He has these amazing lipsticks that I'm obsessed with, they're creamy, they glide on all day. Let's be honest, most people really aren't wearing lipsticks right now because we've got the masks on, but he's got you covered. He's got this supreme palette. You can take this palette from day to night, you've got 12 gorgeous new shades, eight Mattes and then one real metallic. This palette you can take it from day to night. 40 bucks. You can get on his site. That's the perfect palette with the colors and I like the sparkles, too. Sparkles, that's my jam, robach, as you know. Now, you mentioned lipsticks just now. That's not really my thing. But I have to tell you, robach and crew have really gotten me into taking care of my skin lately. I'm not embarrassed to say. I'm trying to get the face right. You have some skincare products that you want to tell us about. Go ahead. So this is sunkiss organics. This is created by Jessica jade. Her family is from Puerto Rico. Jessica has a really interesting story, she had really bad eczema. Her dermatologist prescribed steroids which made her skin sensitive to the sun. She called her grandma and she said she had all this knowledge of plants and herbs, so she gave Jessica some of her recipes, Jessica claims that she no longer suffers from eczema. Sunkiss organics. Sure. We look good. We want to feel good. Set the mood for us. We've got these amazing candles and you say there's a specific reason why they are black. Tell us. Yeah, so these candles are called, found and she implemented her culture into these candles. She said when you pour black wax into your candles it's going to absorb and disperse any negative energy you have in your life and once you light the candle up, new beginnings and clarity and positivity will appear in your life. Now, I also love the name of these candles. First, this candle smells like cloves and brown sugar. And then you have this one, which smells like papaya and vanilla. My favorite candle is called -- it's my grandmother's name. It chocolate and coconut. You can get them on her site for like $20. They smell amazing they get the bad energy out. Get the bad energy out. Why haven't we been burning these the whole show? What are we doing here? Milly, thank you. Thank you so much for your energy, your enthusiasm in selling these products. We hope to see you again. For our viewers, check out and find more about all these products by heading over to our Facebook page. I believe there are two bonus products if you go do that. Little tease there. Still ahead here on "Gma3,"

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Beauty influencer Milly Almodovar features skin care products, designer T-shirts and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73610067","title":"Holiday gift ideas from Latin-owned businesses","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/holiday-gift-ideas-latin-owned-businesses-73610067"}