Iowa secretary of state addresses voter safety, postal delay concerns

Paul Pate on absentee ballots, secure voting and more.
3:44 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for Iowa secretary of state addresses voter safety, postal delay concerns
And with a big election right around the corner, it's important to make sure you register and exercise your right to vote. Here to discuss is Iowa's secretary of state, Paul pate. Secretary pate, thank you for being with us. As Iowa's chief elections official how are you encouraging people to vote in your state? Putting a full-court press on by reaching out to social media, interviews like this, and every other opportunity we have, and promoting it in various groups to encourage folks that are involved in elections. We think we're getting the word out and looking forward to seeing young people joining us in these voter registration days. Secretary, three Iowa counties have had to resend those absentee applications after the trump re-election campaign and other Republican party groups took them to court, so what were the objections to those ballot applications? Well, the problem there was, those auditors were told before they did it by my office that they couldn't do it because they were pre-filling confidential voter I.D. Numbers on these forms and sending them out, and that was against the directive that we put out, as well as with the Iowa code and by doing so, it jeopardized the integrity, if you will, the potential of security of those persons' ballots, and unfortunately, they didn't follow the rules and got sued by it and now they're having to correct that problem. All right, and you know, secretary, president trump has suggested that mail-in voting could lead to a, quote, rigged election, despite zero evidence to back that up, about 40% of iowans right now vote by mail, and that's expected to be higher because of this pandemic we're living in, what do you want to tell voters to assure them that mail-in voting is in fact safe and secure? Certainly. In Iowa, we vote absentee which is little different. We don't mail ballots out unsolicited, you have to request it by the voter. In that case, the voters can be assured of the security of it because when you request your absentee ballot, you can go online and tell when the county election commissioner sent out the ballot, when you mail it back in, you'll know when the auditor or county commissioner has received it, sew you'll have all kind of confirmations to know that your ballot was handled properly and be received. That's a big difference. Of course, we vote with paper ballots in Iowa, too. And we have post-election audits. Iowans can be assured of the integrity of the vote. Growing concerns about the reliability of the U.S. Postal service at this time, what advice can you give voters who are worried that their vote won't be counted in time? As I have told others in Iowa, you can start absentee ballot request forms, then the ballots will be sent out October 5th. The earlier the better. That allows ample time to get through the mail and processed. We have an imb code on the envelopes, so when it gets mailed it's automatically entered into the system, so we don't count on these postmarks that can be controversial from place to place. If you get it mailed before the election day, and it happens not to show up at the courthouse until four or five days later, it will still get counted in Iowa, those are ways to assure your voice and your vote will be heard. Thank you for your time today. Thank you. And just ahead right here on "Gma3" -- the couple projecting

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Paul Pate on absentee ballots, secure voting and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73169433","title":"Iowa secretary of state addresses voter safety, postal delay concerns","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/iowa-secretary-state-addresses-voter-safety-postal-delay-73169433"}