‘7 Little Johnstons’ on living under 1 roof during pandemic

Trent, Amber, Jonah, Anna, Alex and Emma dish on the sixth season of their reality show.
4:29 | 01/12/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘7 Little Johnstons’ on living under 1 roof during pandemic
Something now to make us all smile. T.J. Recently got a chance to catch up with TV family, "7 little johnstons." Take a look. Very soon Emma and Alex will both be 16 and they're going to need to start studying for their permit so they can get their learner's. We have gone through almost three older kids trying to get them driving. Back, back, back, back. So this go round with Emma and Alex, we thought we can get a vehicle that they can start practicing around the yard, so hopefully when it's time to get their butts in the seat of a car, may be less stressful for big daddy over here. She pointed to me. That's why we got the go kart. Wonder if that works. That was a clip from "7 little johnstons." The new season follows a family as they all try to navigate being back under the same roof during the pandemic. Let's bring in the stars of the show, Trent and amber Johnston along with the kids, Jonah, Anna, Alex, Emma and Elizabeth somewhere running around. She might jump back in there at some point. I have to ask about the clip. Does that work learning to drive with the go kart? We're hoping it's going to work. Alex and Emma are not quite driving. They're still studying for their learner's permit right now, but it's a good plan. My father did it for me. Hopefully it's going to work. Amber, tell me what is it like. You have seven folks under the same roof during the entire pandemic. What's that like? Yes. We all have been under the same roof. Anna came home in March from it's been trying at times, but we are trying really, really hard on a daily basis to keep it -- keep the entertainment going, keep the work and school and just keep everybody busy and focussed so we're not squabbling with each other. Squabbling. Part of that staying busy, you all have taken up like a lot of people have, tiktok. Whose idea was this? This was Emma's idea. Wow. Okay. Emma decided to -- Emma -- Emma is the tiktok queen. Is there a star among you on tiktok? Is that Emma as well? Or just Emma's idea? It's Emma. So let's have a little bit of a challenge here for everybody. I'm going to ask the kids a few questions, and I want you to direct me to the parent that this applies to. So kids, are you ready here? Tell me, which parent is most likely to lose their keys. Wow. Dad. They got you pegged. Which parent is most likely to get a speeding ticket? Oh, my goodness. Dad, you are not doing well here. Which parent is most likely to tell you you're grounded? Oh. Okay. And who is most likely to give in and let you have your way? Amber and I stick together when it comes to discipline. We support each other. Last thing here, can you believe the journey? How many seasons are you up to now here on the show? It's been around since 2015, I believe it is. Can you believe where you are and can you believe that the audience has responded in such a way to seeing you and your family? You know, it definitely has been a long journey, and it hasn't been an easy one, for sure. But I think one of the biggest things when we went into this show was that we wanted something that our viewers would be able to relate to, they would be able to laugh, cry, and just simply enjoy with their families. Seven folks under one roof during the pandemic the whole time and they're putting it out there for all to say. "7 little johnstons" airs Tuesdays on tlc.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Trent, Amber, Jonah, Anna, Alex and Emma dish on the sixth season of their reality show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75202335","title":"‘7 Little Johnstons’ on living under 1 roof during pandemic","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/johnstons-living-roof-pandemic-75202335"}