Jon Batiste performs ‘Freedom’ on ‘GMA3’

The Oscar and Grammy-winning performer performs a track from his album, “We Are.”
5:28 | 06/24/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jon Batiste performs ‘Freedom’ on ‘GMA3’
We are so excited. But his next guests in just left him in the monitor there and he just looks cool we got to cool bag dropped. Everything is Morgan you're in for a good time there is when you see this fellow this that they are there a Moscow backed up Grammy Award winning performance artist John Batiste job. How are your comment. I'm feeling great man I'm glad to be here I can't wait to Q it is special performance of freedom is going to be. Such a good time well I love the song but listen to it all morning but I have to ask you first Wear it where is the Oscar I did I just knew it was going to be in the backdrop over your shoulder or something we became aware that where you keep it. You know I keep it at home in Louisiana I had two nephews. Braden who Brandon eleven to six diesel and I want them to see debt while today can know they can achieve debt and more wow you left you instead of that is incredible to hear YouTube leave it there as an inspiration and you tell me about the music now it is do you find that people look people have their musical tastes but did find there's something that. That maybe we have more of an appetite for her right now because you have a lot of feel good stuff if you think we have Mormon appetite now coming out of pendant. Yes you know people people often times focus. On genres of music. And forgive dead energy. Is the thing that transcends every day and the energy of community and of joy. And of life. That life affirming humanity that I loved to its present in my music is some that people really walk after all that we've gone through. This world is tough as well as a lot of trouble it's a lot of things going wrong. But it. We also have this beautiful precious gift of life we don't know how long we don't have that and music allows us to really Kia today and can realize man. So good to be it would everybody. Well that is absolutely. What your music feels like be a smash hit LP is called we are and the song is freedom. Folks and you're about to have a special treat a special performance now of John's new song freedom from that LP. Let's get right through. I. Time. Road. No problem not invited to their party on the street value of a path. You grant got guys do it and we've come an edited pandemic coldly their resolve would ramp everybody come out. We don't be outside like dead. This is some unless this is enjoy alliance. I will see you at the next who does an absolute pleasure you got a lot of fans around here it's an absolute honor to have you thank you for that may we'll see you soon all right. Absolutely think yell Munson and four. That was our son has this was TV today.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"The Oscar and Grammy-winning performer performs a track from his album, “We Are.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78466482","title":"Jon Batiste performs ‘Freedom’ on ‘GMA3’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/jon-batiste-performs-freedom-gma3-78466482"}