Lauren Ambrose’s wild ride on ‘Servant’

The actor dishes on working with director M. Night Shyamalan on the show’s second season.
5:17 | 01/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lauren Ambrose’s wild ride on ‘Servant’
That's just a 22 could begin to heart rates and medical leave from director M night some months thriller series servant returning this week proceeded to look. Apple TV plus I have been reading and for their return in the whole time I'm so excited get ready for more educators see viewing because season two was gonna put your right back in. Keep you asking why it. Could possibly happen next so here to tell us more about it. Is the woman who took us on not wild journey in season one. Lauren Ambrose Lauren thinking is so much for being with us can you tell I'm a huge huge fan you're journalists that television journalist actually. In this series but that's for my connection to your character ends. So he basically it starts out she's got his de all because she lost a child we don't know how it first and then. She hires a nanny to take care of the dull an and it just gets more bizarre from there what was it like. Plane I mean I hate to call her on hints but this woman has a lot of problems. Yeah yeah yeah well you know it's kind of rig. Three and says he didn't yet have played this crazy character and this sort of fragile and and the vulnerable character and she certainly has just about every horror that he could imagine that for our. Mother a working mother. Thrown at her and so so at but I hadn't and that its court I'd Bennett an actor it's really great but that hasn't been hit a great. A woman with problems unhinged that Roebuck you have nothing in common with that. All eleven. Well let me know and don't sit there. You you have to tell people they M night some line and they have certain expectations when they see something of his and one is maybe cameo but also what could he expect. Is it that you take and at certain feel to it's for folks who haven't seen it yet. Is this classic Sam along. It really has admits it's really an inspiring environment to work and because. Heat brings such the meticulous. Creativity tended to his work and it it just Spielberg being I'm a movie that didn't. You know he makes your actor and pays great attention to. Every di tale of being out of pictures of this amazing that that we get to. Tell this story and it's this. And historical brownstone that's been recreated. In Philly. And that and that's down states. And you know every ball moves it's held up cooking there's a damn my husband on the show relates early capital of the shaft and you know everything works the stoves work we're all really cooking at. And it's an incredible. That sentences think the word yet glory in almost feels. Like you Lawler quarantines. In this brownstone. In a weird about art reflecting an Al r.'s current situation but. You really are transported for those of us who want a thrill out spite of what we've been getting. This this series truly transports. You into this bizarre world where you're trying to figure out. What happens next obviously we don't want you to give anything away but can you give us a sense of what this second season delivers. It's so she. Icky because literally you know when I got the script for at that first step with the impeachment like from word why Netflix boiler. They sir how its new. You know talk about the show but it takes and it it it certainties a darker turn. No my from need my character I was sort of in this. Really fragile old pleads. The last year where they're trying to figure out if she's gonna wake up and figure out the reality at this trauma. Now she's faced of the very real problem and she wants her baby back. And she is going to be doesn't stop at nothing is to make that a reality didn't seem. Very tight a ambitious person and so it turns and he stated that could breathe the dark turn. Into. Maternal breeds arrogance fueled I think you have there are definitely that I let. It. Where that I have ever been emptied bat. Who. I'm so excited I know exactly what I'm doing on Friday you can watch an all new season of serving beginning this Friday. On apple TV plus Lauren Ambrose he was so great to have you with us we really appreciate it. Think that think that much that it supports me and. Junior and we use so excited about this system I. How you blunt that's scary stuff and it's it's safe fear roof nothing's gonna happen but it feels like my loving kindness.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"The actor dishes on working with director M. Night Shyamalan on the show’s second season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75224860","title":"Lauren Ambrose’s wild ride on ‘Servant’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/lauren-ambroses-wild-ride-servant-75224860"}