Magnolia Bakery’s cutting-edge approach to fighting the coronavirus

Sara Haines details the beloved bakery’s high-tech solution to keeping staff and customers safe.
4:55 | 07/31/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Magnolia Bakery’s cutting-edge approach to fighting the coronavirus
beloved magnolia bakery famous for churning out tasty cupcakes and other treats right out of their hot ovens. Now turning to uv light to protect staff and customers from coronavirus. Here's ABC's Sara Haines. Magnolia bakery is small. Our stores are small. There's a lot of people coming in the door. Reporter: As the nation begins its road to recovery magnolia bakery has been cooking up ways to safely re-open. Very early on in the pandemic everyone had to start adopting new procedures, especially for social distancing. Restaurants experienced the same thing. We have small kitchens in new York City. Your staff is working side by side. Reporter: With summer and sweet tooth cravings setting in, owner Bobby was anticipating that change. When the pandemic first started we implemented all the procedures recommended by CDC, even before it was mandated by city and state. Reporter: Their biggest adjustment involved Bobby and her husband setting up a familiar looking device called the portal. How did you find this? My husband has a few auto immune diseases. He's always been sort of on top of research to find out what's he started researching uv lighting. Reporter: Similar in looks to metal detectors you see in airports, the portal uses a uvc light safe on skin, but strong enough to kill harmful viruses and bacteria. Uvc light has been around for a long time. This is a concept of uvc lightiot dangerous to your skill, but will kill bacteria pathogens and viruses. It's perfect for the pandemic we're in. Reporter: I step in and do five seconds. I rotate. I don't hear anything or see anything. It's working. I come through and I'm done. Completely clean. By bringing that technique from her home into her bakeries she hopes customers will feel even safer when they drop in. By going through our portal we add another level of insurance we're not bringing the pathogens into the store. Our staff has a level of comfort knowing we're doing everything we possibly can to keep them safe. Reporter: With that combination of heightened safety and the portal, Bobby hopes customers will continue to satisfy their sweet tooth at magnolia bakery for years to come. We're not requiring people to walk through it. We're recommending. I have a feeling people will come off the street to try it just because. Our thanks to Sara Haines for that. Magnolia bakery with that cutting-edge approach to fighting the virus. How does this technology work? With us to tell us all about it is Fred maxic the CEO of the company behind this technology. Fred, thank you for being with us. In simple terms how does this work? Thank you. This is a new form of a uvc light. We've known for decades that uvc light can disable these pathogens we're concerned about. This has that same ability. The light disrupts the material that makes these viruses and bacteria capable of replicating. By disrupting that they're inactivated and not able to infect us. How do you know it's working? How do we know it's safe? There has been an amazing amount of studies over the past decades looking at how uvc light deactivates these types of pathogens. They're very conclusive. There's some wonderful work out of Columbia university, Dr. David Brenner has worked with coronaviruses and shown this form of uvc light is capable of inactivating the viruses. The evidence is very clear. There's also studies from multiple continents over years showing this light doesn't penetrate the human skin or the human eyes. There's an abundance of material that says it completely safe. What about bringing the system into our homes? Is that a possibility? There's possibilities there, but there are other pieces. The portal we view as being part of a larger system that has downlight components. Something like this that plugs into a downlight. It can be put in a standard socket. We have things that have the same type of ruvc that the portal does. It can be brought into more residential possibilities, more office possibilities. It gives a lot of flexibility. We're also concerned about the air in our environment. The downlights that we also manufacture deal with that air in real time and take those pathogens out of that space and out of the air. Much needed. Cutting edge technology. Fred, thank you so much for taking the time to be with us and explaining it. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Sara Haines details the beloved bakery’s high-tech solution to keeping staff and customers safe. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72106815","title":"Magnolia Bakery’s cutting-edge approach to fighting the coronavirus","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/magnolia-bakerys-cutting-edge-approach-fighting-coronavirus-72106815"}