Miracle friend inspires MercyMe’s powerful new song

The band’s new single, "Say I Won’t" is inspired by the story of Gary Miracle, who lost his arms and legs after falling into septic shock due to complications from the flu.
4:30 | 04/15/21

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Transcript for Miracle friend inspires MercyMe’s powerful new song
Let's turn now to the grammy-nominated band mercy me, the group was recently named billboard's top Christian artist of the last decade, and later this month they are releasing their tenth studio album "Inhale exhale" and our very own will reeve caught up with the band to talk about one of the songs on the album and the guy at the center of it fittingly the name is Gary miracle. He was our first merch guy 20 some years ago and he was terrible at it and we liked him. I had a short stint as their merch guy. I should have told you all about I have to say they said that you were not that good at it. Okay, well, yes, they say that. I may have not been that good. I was the best-looking one. Gary miracle and the guys from best-selling Christian rock group mercy me have had a bond for decades. A great friend. He says what he thinks and he doesn't hold it back. We're counting our words carefully because he actually texted us this morning and threatened us to say nice things about him. That bond gave Gary strength and support when his life changed forever. Right after Christmas 2019 I just got sick, and that got worse and worse and to the point I had to be airlifted from one hospital to another hospital. Fell into septic shock. I ended up coding. I was lifeless for about 7 1/2 minutes. They brought me back to life. In a coma for ten days after that. And that's really where the journey started. Gary's illness cost him all four limbs but not his sense of humor. He's like, man, I'm the same guy, I'm just 40 pounds lighter and he looked at me like, you know you want that and I'm like, you're right. I'm about to drop one here. This is the hand that god dealt me, without my hands. Am I allowed to laugh at You can. That's the best part. The lord gives and takes away and he took my hands and legs, and the next is blessed be the lord and that's the path I chose to go down now. How do you avoid the anger and the despair at a thing bigger than you? The thing that I keep coming back to is that I realize that in this life we all have struggles. Right now, in my life, my struggles just happen to be a little bit more visible than somebody else's. I don't know if I would have the same outlook on life if that had happened to me, so watching him go through what he's going through and has gone through is incredibly encouraging. His attitude towards it is amazing. And his outlook is, it's unbelievable. Inspired by their friend, mercy me wrote a song, "Say I won't" in Gary's honor. Say I won't say that I won't, oh, say I won't What was Gary's reaction when he heard the song? I texted it to him. First, he was like, oh, my gosh, and probably said things he shouldn't have said about how excited he was about it and then the rest of the day he was like say I won't get a drink of water, say I won't answer the phone, say I won't. And we're like, okay, pal, we get it. You're doing a lot of things right now. They shot the music video in November. Gary's doctor said he could be walking within a year, but just three months later, Gary was up and moving. Them giving me a platform and purpose through what I am going through, and the way that I've been able to encourage people, and people have been able to encourage me, I'm forever grateful to those guys. What does that feel like emotionally when you're walking with a walker? It's -- it's a mess. I'm a blubbering mess, to know that I'm going to be okay. Where he came from where he started is an absolute miracle. No pun intended, it's an absolute miracle. What's next for Gary miracle? To me, this is a blip in my story. I'm alive, and god is good, and I'm very thankful and blessed to be here and still married to my wife and still the father to my kids. The world's going to hear because I'm going to shout and I will be dancing when circumstances drown the music out say I won't Beautiful. All right, you can catch that song and a whole lot more on mercy me's upcoming new album, love the title "Inhale exhale." It's out April 30th.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"The band’s new single, \"Say I Won’t\" is inspired by the story of Gary Miracle, who lost his arms and legs after falling into septic shock due to complications from the flu. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77093835","title":"Miracle friend inspires MercyMe’s powerful new song","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/miracle-friend-inspires-mercymes-powerful-song-77093835"}