What offices will look like in the future

Amol Sarva, CEO of workspace design company Knotel, takes a look at how companies will have to transform their offices.
3:11 | 07/28/20

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Transcript for What offices will look like in the future
Beauty comes naturally, only from Nature's Bounty. Shared work spaces and packed offices may soon be a thing of the past, so what will the future of offices look like? Joining us now to weigh in on this is amol sarva, the co-founder and CEO of knotel, a company that designs and rents office spaces to major corporations. Amol, thank you for being with us today. You are in high demand as people try to rejigger their office spaces and figure out how to be flexible. We know that Google announced yesterday that most of its 200,000 employees are now going to work from home until 2021. As the CEO of a company that's invested in workplace space, do you have concerns that people may not return to the office, that they may stay working from home? It has been a crazy experience. I mean, this virus, one of the biggest places we've experienced it is the workplace. In some ways it's a workplace virus. You can see the future. We operate all around Europe as well as Asia. The future is already getting started. People are already back in their offices in France and Germany and I'll tell you, I mean, they're relieved and feeling energized. So we do have something to look forward to. It's not going to stay like this forever. What are you seeing in Europe, in your European clients? How are they getting people back into the workplace safely? You got to get the virus numbers down of course but you don't want them to come back so the office is different. The workplace is going to be very different as people come back. First of all, it's going to have fewer people for quite a while. You see behind me one of the knotel offices, I'm the only one here on this floor for now and I think in the months ahead there will be 20%, 30% of the offices we're going to have to rejigger these offices. Knotel is built for change. We help companies flex and change how they are set up. That's going to happen. A lot more space between folks, dividers between folks. Things like the conference room really need to be rethought. I don't know if you want to be in a little glass box for hours with a handful of people. So there's a lot of change ahead of us. Can you give us a sense, I know you listed a few things, but what some of the office trends may be as people do start to go back to work and certain companies may be working with your company to figure out how to do it safely and be very innovative at the same time. Yeah, I mean, there will certainly be a lot more work from home which means for the folks in the office they need to be a lot more connected so basically everything they're doing is going to involve a lot more video and some folks are in via or votel la presence or something like that. The open office, I don't think anyone will be sad to hear me say the open office is on its way out. You're not going to see these shoulder to shoulder desks for a while. There will be a lot more room between us. Even in the places where we meet, it may not be inside four walls. I think we'll be in more open environments where there's a lot more air flow and that does mean redesigning and rebuilding. That's what's painful about this. For a few months we'll manage by showing up with fewer people but after another few months you can't just do it with duct tape and bubble gum. You're going to have to start rejiggering the way these work and we're hard at work on that and we have been doing it across Europe for the last few months. I know you are going to be extremely busy over the next weeks, months and years. Amol sarva, thank you for joining us today. We really appreciate the time. Pleasure.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Amol Sarva, CEO of workspace design company Knotel, takes a look at how companies will have to transform their offices. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72031582","title":"What offices will look like in the future","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/offices-future-72031582"}