Oregon governor says Trump 'is stoking the fires of hatred and division'

Kate Brown on her state’s political unrest, mail-in voting system and wildfire aid.
5:04 | 10/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oregon governor says Trump 'is stoking the fires of hatred and division'
Early voters from across the country are casting ballots by mail in large numbers. Largely in part because of the coronavirus pandemic. In Oregon voting by mail is how they get down. They've conducted elections like this for the past two decades. It became the first state in the U.S. To vote exclusively by mail. What can Oregon teach the rest of us? Joining us is the governor of Oregon Kate brown. Governor, thanks for being with us. This was news to me. Everyone in your state votes by mail. They've been doing it that way for decades. We've heard president trump claim, without evidence, that there will be widespread voter fraud because of this mail-in system. Have you seen anything like that over the years as oregonians vote by mail? As we've seen from across the country, evidence of voter fraud is extremely rare. In the 2016 election cycle in Oregon we saw .0001% of voter fraud. Extremely rare. What the president isn't telling Americans is that he himself votes by mail, so do a number of members of his cabinet. The wonderful thing about voting by mail in the midst of a global pandemic is that it's safe. People don't have to put their lives or their health at risk while exercising this fundamental right. We've had a great partnership with our friends at the postal service. They work very hard to make sure every ballot gets to the mail gets delivers to the election office and gets counted. In Oregon we believe that your vote is your voice and every single vote matters. You mentioned president trump. You mentioned on Twitter you weren't interested in his political theater when he talked about sending federal troops to help out with protests we've seen in particular in Portland. Your response was, you want to talk about our financial help we need, ppe, I'm open. Are you opposed to getting federal help in the streets? Do you need it there in your state? This is a democracy, not a dictatorship. What's clear as well is that president trump is stoking the fires of hatred and division in this country because he wants to distract from his failure to lead a national response to the covid pandemic. Governor, we're looking at video of the protests that have been very regular in your state following the death of George Floyd. I'm curious what your level of concern is about those protests potentially growing violent, growing bigger in the wake of this election, on election day itself and the days that follow. What we're focussed on in Oregon is protecting people's right to free speech and making sure that protesters can safely exercise that right. We're partnering with local Portland state police, the Oregon state police and the county sheriff's office to make sure that everyone is safe and can exercise this fundamental right. I want to encourage oregonians and Americans across the country when the fabric of our society is frayed, it's so important that our democracy remains strong. I want to encourage every eligible American to get out there and vote and make sure that your voice is heard this election cycle. Governor, so much to talk to you about in your state. One more topic, the fires, the wildfires that have ravaged the western part of this country. You told your citizens this is not an anomaly. You'll see devastation like this from time to time for years to come. Where are you with these fires in terms of recovery? What do you think the recovery will look like? We're focussed on rebuilding, recovery. Our areas of focus include making sure all families impacted have access to shelter, to housing, debris removal, hazardous and nonhazardous debris and making sure that oregonians have access to good water quality. We have a number of community members that have just been substantially devastated by both the pandemic and the wildfires. Our historically underserved communities of color. We're working to make sure that everyone of these families have the tools and resources they need to rebuild from these devastating wildfires. It's a big job. It's a tough job. We appreciate you sharing all the work you're doing there. Oregon governor, Kate brown, thank you for being with us today. Thank you, stay safe. Thank you. Folks, if you need guidance on your specific state about voting, check out the how to vote website from our partners at fivethiryeight. Please do so.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Kate Brown on her state’s political unrest, mail-in voting system and wildfire aid. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73657064","title":"Oregon governor says Trump 'is stoking the fires of hatred and division'","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/oregon-governor-trump-stoking-fires-hatred-division-73657064"}