How to help your pets lose the 'quarantine 15'

Animal Planet’s Dr. Diarra Blue has tips on how to get overweight pets healthy during the pandemic.
4:18 | 07/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to help your pets lose the 'quarantine 15'
With pandemic has canceled most workout classes but guess what humans are not alone in struggling with the lack of exercise. Our pets are to turns up the quarantine fifteen. Also affects our furry friends are joining us with some advice on how to keep our pets healthy and in shape. Is doctor DR a blew a veterinarian at cy fair animal hospital in Texas. And star of animal planet's. The vet life who want to thank doctor blue for joining us today so we're gonna goes straight to our viewer questions let's listen to Debbie from mission. Anything that he iams active from machine and I have clearance allowing me CE who is struggling to bring. Because of the heat can't because of cocaine in nineteen I have not been able to take my eyes many walks as I would like. And I recently had taken today that. He is having some choking sounds. And so they sent their it is because of the excess weight. He has gained an additional two pounds since his previous visit. Bless our summer activities that we can do to get a movie how. OK well maybe we have been very careful what are small breed dog in all the development like collapsed trachea. And you know excessive weight calls obesity probably while the number what diseases in dogs and cats so. You know it working outside the culprit or become the temperature we got develop activities to do in and around house. You know most allow their fate if it decides it until lap tops out at it here. So we really does need to really get something to do written chased the ball but we maintain public with feet they're reducing their diet. But I think things indoor and phonics game is W way to do. All right Doug Stone get I I had shuffle your snarling at the veterinarians. Up next up we have Anna Lisa from New Jersey. Hi. My name is and a waste of bringing in BC Jersey since quarantining and knows that McCain Arafat willing and has been putting on a little actually. She's always had issues with Beijing food it's like that she's nervous that converted to a different way from her. I'm noticing it now it's accompanied with so little energy she started bursting crime of the singers and Obama apparently she was used to do. I'll I really love my cat and I won't hurt a little long happy life. So. I'm wondering if you have any kids the tricks for me to help her potential as food because every time I try to control of foods she cries it's very sad. While cats can be a typical you know cats are not what her dog they don't like to. Go for walks and if you do desperate to get its own Leach. What we need to do it really client activity that they do like the best in you can Duchardt get a schedule of veterans day. To make certain it got equal moral issues and look our threat is not often enough talk about cats are right but it's a real deal. We get you don't bear it could be that does that lead to more weight problem was leased more or. I beat so we do everything we care to make your visit today with your Britney to talk about weight loss to check their hormones but they also are really make sure bet. We're control and we are out who they're being Deedee there all we don't get bigger and at two years old are reconsider the senior geriatrics that we need to really you know take over. All right doctor Lou before you go I want your thoughts they're been a couple stories now about pets. And cope mid nineteen you know the first dog to test positive for corn a virus actually died this month. And then in the UKS Chinese cat became the first animal there to catch corona virus and that's prompted warnings. From the pet owners not to kiss their pets. That's a big ask how concerned should pet owners be with this virus. I think we should be buried and start out one of the field alarmed at you know freaked out but. It's important but understand what is happening in virus and are little things just flag as humans we want repressed or better the virus they do want it exciting thing. What are adapting growth look big and cross species build you bet. I'm you know period fourteen that's not the main source of infection that we've seen a lot the good the overzealous with that. But it is something that we should be conspire with and at all whites were concerned enough to think there are it has the she deftly. Zero that you're. About that all right great advice all around we want to thank you doctor blue for joining us today and answering our viewer is very important peck questions by the way everyone you can see doctor blue in the that life. On the Animal Planet go pack.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Animal Planet’s Dr. Diarra Blue has tips on how to get overweight pets healthy during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72081441","title":"How to help your pets lose the 'quarantine 15'","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/pets-lose-quarantine-15-72081441"}