Republican backlash against Trump intensifies

Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey called the president’s attempt to overturn the election a “new low.”
2:14 | 01/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Republican backlash against Trump intensifies
Always important to note. We'll turn now to ABC's Kyra Phillips who's in Washington with the latest headlines for us. Good afternoon, Kyra. Amy great to see you. Great to see you, we begin here today expanding on exactly what you were just talking about with Dr. Jen, the growing coronavirus emergency, and new York's governor Andrew Cuomo warning to hospitals there, saying, they have to move the vaccine and do it faster, the governor announcing hospitals in the state not using vaccines within a week of receiving them risk a $100,000 fine. And that high-stakes showdown unfolding right now in the south, voters lining up in Georgia to make their choices known. To determine the early course of Joe Biden's presidency. All of this happening as outgoing president trump railed at a rally that was intended to support Republican candidates still unable or unwilling to accept his own loss. And the backlash intensifying within his own party over that unusual call berating and begging Georgia's secretary of state to overturn his loss there. Pennsylvania Republican pat Toomey calling it, quote, a new low in this whole futile and sorry episode. And in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the vigil held in honor of Jacob Blake and other victimsover police violence, Blake's family calling for the officer who shot Blake to be charged with attempted murder. That officer claimed he shot Blake when he wouldn't put down a knife. The community bracing for the moment when the D.A. Announces charges in this case. T.J., what would you do with hundreds of millions of dollars? Two blockbuster jackpots up for grabs. Mega millions and Powerball. More than $400 million at stakes. I know you would start with a luxury vacation for Jen, Amy and me. How about you? . Well, I usually don't like to get involved in the Powerballs anymore until it gets up to 800 million, 900 million. Can't you just be grateful? Ladies, it's our time. Okay, but I would get you all something really, really nice. Really, really, really nice. All right, Kyra, thank you so

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey called the president’s attempt to overturn the election a “new low.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75058209","title":"Republican backlash against Trump intensifies","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/republican-backlash-trump-intensifies-75058209"}