Shamier Anderson dishes on new space thriller ‘Stowaway’

Anderson shares details about his new Netflix show and his organization B.L.A.C.K. Canada (Building a Legacy in Acting, Cinema + Knowledge).
3:35 | 04/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shamier Anderson dishes on new space thriller ‘Stowaway’
I will never get used to how little material there is between us and space. Had I known when they started out adding a third passenger to make up for the weight, the functional module is half the size and the multiprotective layer shield. That's not helpful. Just relax. Welcome back. That was a clip from the new Netflix film "Stowaway" starring our next guest, a Canadian actor who has starred in films "City of lies" and the TV series "Winona Earp" and here to tell us about his new film, please welcome shamier Anderson. And I have to say, shamier, just watching that I started to feel claustrophobic and I couldn't breathe, and I read what the plot is and, oh, boy, why don't you share it with our audience. Yeah, in short, it's about astronauts that are on a mission to Mars for two years and when they're halfway in space one of the characters played by Toni Colette discovers a thing in one of the compartments and realizes that it's a person, and this person then wakes up and realizes that he's on a ship that's on a two-year mission to Mars and has a panic attack. And that's why it is called "Stowaway" and I play that stowaway. And they dump you off in space and then they continue on, is that right? Hey, hey. That's a plot twist. That's a plot twist. Why am I here? I'm leaving. No, hold on. Hold on. My bad, my bad. Just kidding. I love it. Okay, but this looks incredibly intense, and, look, people love -- we love these space movies and as kids you want to be a astronaut, and it's so fascinating and now we are talking about space travel more and more and commercial space travel, and you shot the film, would you ever go to space yourself if you had the chance? I absolutely would not be going to space. I would be in Toronto eating jerk chicken chilling out. All power to you. Everybody else can go to space. Come on, shamier. I need a wing man. I'm right there with shamier. Shamier, I agree with you and I'm a bold person but no space for me. All right. You've done a lot of good in the world and you are doing it right now. You founded an organization along with two of your brothers called B.L.A.C.K., b-l-a-c-k, and it's an acronym and what is it, tell us what your mission is. B.L.A.C.K. Stands for building a legacy in acting, cinema and knowledge, a not for profit organization, and essentially we're giving back to individuals in the arts sector from film, television, mentorship. Shamier, really, man, it is good to talk to you. Folks need to check this thing out. "Stowaway" is available on Netflix, and you stay on the ground, all right, shamier? Thank you. Maybe we'll go to space, me and you. Maybe in a couple of years we'll talk. But you're driving, not me. Oh, that's not a problem at all, my man. You know how he drives, with both feet, I'm telling you. You do not want him to drive. You hit a sore spot there, shamier. Our bad. Sorry to bring you into this. All good. All good. All good. Thank you, shamier. Thank you. I cannot wait. I'm changing the subject. I cannot wait to watch "Stowaway." It looks great. It looks terrifying. And he is the guy, he plays that role so well. Oh, my goodness. It's great. It's great. All right. I'm claustrophobic just looking at that.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Anderson shares details about his new Netflix show and his organization B.L.A.C.K. Canada (Building a Legacy in Acting, Cinema + Knowledge).","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77242181","title":"Shamier Anderson dishes on new space thriller ‘Stowaway’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/shamier-anderson-dishes-space-thriller-stowaway-77242181"}