Susan Lucci on Broadway’s big streaming concert

The soap opera legend previews the star-studded benefit concert “ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway.”
4:28 | 02/11/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Susan Lucci on Broadway’s big streaming concert
All right turning now to our next guest you know hurt as the queen of daytime TV for 41 years she's played the most. Infamous female soap opera character of course Erica Kane from All My Children right in this very time slot here is ABC. And here she is the one and only Susan Lucci Emmy award winning actor New York town's best seller and also eight fund raiser. As a big star studded event you wanna tell us about so this salute you good to see you welcome back to daytime either bill. I guess fantastic thank you so nice thank you so much for including me and today's program. With all of the wonderful important medical information that you are giving people thank you so much. But if you have a good message to add something you're trying to get out there and again we we come down to Times Square right behind us here. And it's dark in every single day there's no activity. What is this fund raising of vet I guess before you and why get engaged in try to get these folks some support until they can get back on the state. Apps and it may well tonight's event is called ABC daytime back on Broadway because for seven years. Members of ABC daytime community Wear on the life and brought grace to face it is a program of the highlights of these performances. When I am so happy that that. My Colin our Arab fabulous person from ABC Disney came to me with this idea that we can raise funds are also is. Actors and actresses in Broadway performers in every one involved a voice out of work right now as you mentioned is Seles Chad. Behind you is is Times Square is just set to be in here in new York and and know that Broadway is dark. Like so many if you are viewers. You know we get in for Kobe I've seen all these news reports and seen. Actors and actresses and dancers just. Nowhere to perform but their performance streets and seeing dancers it's dancing in Central Park and well known performers coming out of the balconies of their apartment buildings. And singing. Two cheering crowds of people where also hungry for. For them to be back on Broadway but right now they're not and they have bills to pay and and rents two K and my heart breaks for these performers. Yes Susan I know that you know you can feel your passion for these performers in any one of us who have enjoyed Broadway kill the exact same way so so many people at home. Want seemed to help tell us what we're going to see what can we expect tonight. Well for people who have been. Viewers of the ABC soaps All My Children my might to live general hospital and even have you. You're gonna see some of your your favorites not doing our story lines not acting out our story lines that you waste you've never seen seen us before. We're singing and dancing and putting on a Broadway Show. And you can see people who haven't. Wonderful careers. Onstage. I just want to mention. Renee at least Goldsberry. Among like to live but many you probably saw and Hamilton. And should pay license she means she spectacular performer tiny paintings from All My Children. I am also. Cameron mathison. Who is an all my children and also dancing with the stars and Riddick. Show me the way how to do that work in new York and work in LA at the same time he showed the way. He and I actually I didn't dancer change you during these these Broadway. I'm performances. I'm just so. Excited to be part of this to help where I could but I saw that they need his stories unease actors actresses and crystal miss Broadway so much. I'd much restaurants closed. It's not even like the actors and actors who are not working then those kids who travel to New York with their dreams and their dreams are shattered at the moment. They Kenny and earn a living in arrest hunt is a restaurants are close to. Well thank you for being an incredible ambassador for all of those Broadway actors in stars and thank you for giving us the way to help and get back Suzanne. Think people being with us today make sure to watch. ABC daytime back on Broadway and as you just turn Susan Page on FaceBook page and across ABC and web site tonight at 8 PM eastern. She needs to be on in this time slogans saying hey this was my good goats television I would. But my college classes around 1 PM sept OY talk that's likely to watch citizen and all my parents always been an education first and ago.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"The soap opera legend previews the star-studded benefit concert “ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75833336","title":"Susan Lucci on Broadway’s big streaming concert","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/susan-lucci-broadways-big-streaming-concert-75833336"}