Texas city struggles with overcapacity at hospitals and morgues

Mayor Pete Saenz talks about his fight to get medical care for his community.
4:10 | 08/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas city struggles with overcapacity at hospitals and morgues
Pandemic hits south Texas particularly hard this summer and so far unity shown no signs of slowing down in that region the border city of Laredo Texas. Has reported nearly 8500 positive corona virus cases and 175. Deaths and with those numbers unfortunately on the rise. Here to discuss the situation in south Texas as a raid owe mayor Pete signs thank you so much for being with us mayor signs and I know last week we heard from the officials warning that two hospitals there on the radio were already at capacity so what are you doing you make sure every one. In your community has access to medical care. Thank you so much for the invitation and a hello and when leaders from Laredo Texas. This we have eight you know he situation that's critical here greater taxes that the numbers that the go on a positive so. We have hundreds of news that he put that had passed away via. Countless editions served or Obama and yet so look people are being transferred to other hospitals. But particularly in San Antonio so this is critical here Rome and that we're doing this weekend to suspend the message two. Via the residents era. By every means possible. So they get the message Wear the masks. Don't. A congregation. And the in the course. That that socially distancing his and so important. Then and we're doing this weekend. Did do an investor can mayor but what do you need are you getting the support that you need in this state right now up Texas to prevent something. From snowballing getting making it an even bigger crisis in your city. This we over a relatively speaking we the the state has provided resources to us so that it provided over 300 personnel separate doctors nurses technicians said. When the process today that meeting with the estate people to two. But consider an alternate site also. Two to hell and relieve the pressure or hospitals. So low and we are considering that the the entire city Texas says is undergoing also. The eco in nineteen pandemic situations probably and we understand that there resources tribute tonight but we're getting what we needed. And we we heard from the counting medical examiner there that. Between border crossing attempts and coded nineteen. -- radios war is now at capacity how is your city. Handling. We'll be bringing in more coolers the responsibility belongs to the county and then of course is city is is there are two to assist. But so far and we've been able to Madison and control that bring an and a truly units two to keep the qualities. For the time they. You know it it's such a difficult thing to try and manage and I know it as well to detention centers there on the radio. Have already suffered a outbreaks this summer how are you stopping that from becoming a bigger problem in those facilities. Politically we have a very experienced a medical authority with us they've been testing and segregating this segregate the positives and negatives and within the same facility. And then they end their wait until fourteen days have expired when those symptoms before they can actually release that facility. Only quarantined. Aspect. Mayor final question last week's US customs and Border Patrol. Announced a new contract to build seventeen miles of border wall there in Laredo what effect do you think that we'll have. Well the impact is is that why didn't. But past era. Low notes and our people our policy is that no physical structures. But yet the that'll government is pursuing him BO Walden. Issue that contract. And then we'll just wait and see what time brilliance and another that would be talents and others private owners have challenged. I legally. That that the system with a little government. But only time will tell. Paul we know you have been incredibly busy. Protecting and serving your community Laredo Texas mayor Pete signs thank you for all you're doing and thank you for being with us today. Well thank you so mustn't on the novel eleventh we're already don't think you. Printing and interest since.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Mayor Pete Saenz talks about his fight to get medical care for his community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72329614","title":"Texas city struggles with overcapacity at hospitals and morgues ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/texas-city-struggles-overcapacity-hospitals-morgues-72329614"}