Tim Tebow spent his 1st year of marriage under quarantine

The former NFL star talks about being a newlywed during the pandemic, his new children’s book, “Bronco and Friends: A Party To Remember,” and his charity event “Night to Shine.”
3:58 | 01/13/21

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Transcript for Tim Tebow spent his 1st year of marriage under quarantine
Our next guess we'll find out if either yogi but he certainly is a Heisman Trophy winner former NFL quarterback also a college football analyst and now what is he doing. He is a writing her luck. Children's books that is right Tim Tebow is the author of bronco and friends up party to remember it destroyed celebrates our differences with love. And encourages children to embrace their own unique qualities. Syria is here to tell us more is Tim Tebow himself him so nice to see you and I look at this story's inspiration is unique and hero is actually. Based on your leaked. Dog Roscoe tell us about the story. Yeah it first thought that you got so much for having me really appreciates John EU and you know as a way to honor bronco dog that was so close in Myanmar down when he was so amazing but also I have to mention. And on the other main characters there needs in the book. More actually also arm very close indeed ever reaches that. Passing away in their fight against cancer that are now looking down from heaven but I also wanted aren't just look and so I'm all of the characters in this. Umbrella present someone special and I think they're represented this message so well. Knowing that you need that they're wonderful that they're special. And they all had a abilities and powers and everything to get it and how we can live daughter Curtis a lot of times by helping other people find they're making their journey. Just a little bit easier. You know you do so much ten to make people feel special. All people a night to shine it's something that your foundation puts on its. Four people with special needs. Obviously were all in the middle of this pandemic and an all proms have pretty much ceased how are you still celebrating. That night with the people who probably needed more than announced. Well that's right any answer for ASEAN and I did shine my favorite ignited a year and we've been so sports into the animals really spread this throughout the world and 35 countries this year it's gonna look different but we just did not cancel we notice your violence be canceled we cannot cancel ninety science always chose the zoo was chosen and that they can maneuver a little bit and so we're gonna have a night shot virtual but we're also gonna have to shine through and a lot of locations around the world. You have just about you we see you law and certainly TV doing Euro U football coverage you're busy doing so many other things but it is if people don't know. You got married a year ago and as soon as you got married. We went into a pandemic and you had to quarantine fits into Lugo went to lock down what is a first year marriage is always something. But UK it's your first year marriage. In a pandemic how did you handle that. Look I got got defeated I don't know what matters like knotted it and gives us. By accident but didn't ebitda is an amazing. OK Kim can we send your gifts. Senator John. OK we William. Howard Beale. Hot hot hot hot it well it won't be that hope we haven't yet but we're we're new show here in our wheat our budget is and what it should be. We cook cook. We only have movie. Movie passes for you have a gift certificate to. Bowling Allan we actually have that that's legit now I was reading here we also gets you but travel brochure not a slip just the poster. Just think mark my radio. Program. That is undoubtedly use those created is that the Dalai love this plug Zulu. I visit. Always unplug it is really always good to see you had a thing you know while the person of course because of what's been going on a man it's always a pleasure brother good to see you take your all right. It is you get help your grade up thank you so much. And of course bronco and friends party to remember is available now.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"The former NFL star talks about being a newlywed during the pandemic, his new children’s book, “Bronco and Friends: A Party To Remember,” and his charity event “Night to Shine.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75224792","title":"Tim Tebow spent his 1st year of marriage under quarantine ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/tim-tebow-spent-1st-year-marriage-quarantine-75224792"}