Widow running for her late husband's house seat in Louisiana

Julia Letlow remembers her late husband, Luke Letlow, who died of COVID in December and explains why she’s decided to run for his House seat.
4:21 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for Widow running for her late husband's house seat in Louisiana
We'll turn now to a story about turning grief into purpose just days before he was set to be sworn in as Louisiana's newest member of the US House of Representatives. Congressman elect Luke let low passed away from complications of covic nineteen. And now his widowed Julia let low is running for his congressional seat in a special election. And she is here with us now thank you so much for your time we certainly appreciate you being with us anti semites for having me. I know it has only ban a few months since your husband's passed saying and I can't even imagine what you've been going through. Just personally with your young children tell me how you're doing your family's doing. You know it's really been the outpouring at Rainier in support it that is lifting all of us. We're just spent thankful you people all across this state at Aetna has been tell respect. Even a prospect kinds read it seems as the district court with people and said I'm just so thankful for the outpouring of love support denies about prayers. And Julio why. Why do it and what was that. I guess family decision would conversations were you having an even how long did it take for you to decide yup I'm gonna go for. You know as as he often do with your spouse you become best friends locking step with one another like it not been that way for the last eight years of are nearing its. And you begin this year dreams and at values and we always knew that whenever we did we went to serve our area and our region. You know kids act during wanting government not backgrounds and higher education that we always wanted to make this region a better place our children. Enter teaching generations. And liquid always tell me you know and Chile at the opportunity ever presents itself for your run for office you have the qualifications do you have that passion. I'd disown her and I want you tend to speak that ballot opportunity ever at present itself. And Julie obviously this pandemic. Has effected you deeply. Personally as it has so many of your constituents. How do you plan on bringing relief. To the people who you hope to serve. You're right it has affected so many at best and I just wanted to share went. All of the family members of that 516. And Mary Kent who lost their lives. That I hear you ICU. I stand with you or hurt sweet cute but most importantly I pray with you and we are going to get through this together there's light at the end of the tunnel. Are you. You talk about how much in how close you were with your husband and then like to say that the spousal relationship can be a tight one but you've never run for office before. But you saw him do you went to so many of those meetings he went to so many of those fare as I'm sure those. You witnessed so much of that do you feel like there's really nothing that surprised you about campaigning now as the main candidate because you were right there are essentially campaigning anyway. That's right for the past year I've been locked steps with flick we visited all point or here is incomplete column Gary and wheat the active addicts county. The riveting is that people from every year is in need to be aired train started a teacher and they are ideas on how to make the streets in better. And that yes faith based all my heart as I paint right along with lit. And they're I'm ill equipped and ready to carry that courts all. And Juliet if you do win you will be the first Republican woman to represent the state at the Louisiana what does that mean to you. Us and what an honor tight you know I'm so excited about that possibility. He now I'm excited for my daughter. 28 to see an example in me and that you can you can do anything that you put your mind view and it's time for for women to step up and run well. Them and gradually something you said that really don't doubt you sit your husband always told you. To go forward at the opportunity never presented itself and it's just something that the opportunity is here now because of what your families had to go through that's just. Incredible social sorry for your loss bomb but good luck to you there in Louisiana and all your parish is right the parent who is severe enough. And we will hopefully see you down the road think he's a much them. Thank you summit Adam Leon I appreciate you.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Julia Letlow remembers her late husband, Luke Letlow, who died of COVID in December and explains why she’s decided to run for his House seat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76229515","title":"Widow running for her late husband's house seat in Louisiana","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/widow-running-late-husbands-house-seat-louisiana-76229515"}