3-year-old transplant recipient meets donor for the first time

Dia Landy, Paul Charles and 3-year-old Ian Charles meet Will Lindberg, the stranger who saved Ian’s life with a liver donation.
9:13 | 11/26/20

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Transcript for 3-year-old transplant recipient meets donor for the first time
Only a time to reflect to show gratitude and though that may seem hard to do this year for a lot of people one family from Charlotte, North Carolina. If counting all of their blessings today it has been nine months since their three year old son received a life changing liver donation. From a complete stranger take a lock. Dean Charles was an average plate full and energetic two year old when his parents DA and Paul discovered a worrisome lump on his stomach the lump. Turned out to be a tumor on his liver and a few weeks later Ian was diagnosed with capital bless Toma a rare form of liver cancer. With no time to process the news. But after six sessions doctors knew it Ian was going to survive he would need a liver transplant. The news was crushing for dia who knew that meant spending months her son didn't have on the donor's list. But little did she know just a few seats over a 28 year old man was signing up to donate his liver and would turn out to be eons perfect match. In just two months time Ian successfully received a new liver and a new lease on life. Due to hit a regulations DA and Paul have never met ins donor and know almost nothing about him but they've always wanted the chance to personally thank the stranger receive their baby boy's life. Wow joining us now is this beautiful family DA Paul and now three year old Ian rooms so all you're so happy to have you with us today and so the first thing we need Daschle DS it's been nine months off. We see in there how is he doing. A man he's also. Our lives are look as if nothing nothing happening you know he's not guilty. Played All Saints thank you like you you wouldn't think that you know something's right eagle musical group upper leg like. The liver transplant you know. You'll have to take us back go ahead and it's not the best place you wanna go back to begin with an understanding rightly that mean kids of mourners do you still go back to the tenth Aniston tells right you're merely wanted to know. That Dick did his own pay what you find out for two years old. Poll that you kid needs a new Lipper take us back to what that moment was like to find out that news. Who's who do well on Sunday. The questions little moment while we did well. We don't want you know what we do about it would go. Up and more so we're looking for the Bok moon. And and that mood anybody here or. Part of. More humble. Wow and dia dreaming yeah I cannot even imagine as a mom what that moment was like having to make it through those. Frightening months for you didn't know what was going to happen. Fires. We had maybe a strong support system made made based on the was has been you know I'm and the pair you will let you know. To go through something like this album which don't anybody. Well armed me and it was seeing him you know. He's resilient children are very resilient so you know seeing him happy play and he took everything like that it's like a small spot it's a so he with a straight. And does not support this McCourt it's what it looks though Bristol but. Nickel. And yes having people around. Who are there for you in those moments makes all the difference in the world I always say it sold corn to accept that help and you guys dead. And we are very excited we're. Glad you all are you sharing your story this the day that a lot of folks are being certainly thankful you up claimed to be thankful for what you don't know who to thank. What are you and you may never I guess know who to thank mr. south on the rules go but. What would you say how do you feel about that stranger who who stepped forward and officially saved the life. I was grateful but isn't connected actually saved or do. What challenges does greatly that was very simply spoke him in the bio who blew it sucked the building with the help of new York presbyterian. Me found eons donor his name is on will. Lindbergh and we want you wall to hear his story to take a look. By the age of twelve will Lindberg from Cambridge Massachusetts knew that he wanted to save lives it was after being inspired by the antes who came to a. Dad's rescue after suffering from cardiac arrest. Sadly will lost his dad to pancreatic cancer two years later will be Kimi full time paramedic in 2018. And one day came across a patient. It was experiencing the same decline for liver failure he'd seen in his father years before it was at that moment. Will decide. Become an organ to. A few months after his donor assessment exams. A recipient was selected. Will didn't know much about us recipient except that he was a little boy in a life or death situation. Without any hesitation will went through the operation on February 4 2019. And after experiencing a few complications himself. We'll return to work in those crucial month of the cook at nineteen pandemic. Not only did his donation save the life of two year old Ian Charles. But as an essential worker Willis committed to protecting countless American lives during the pandemic. I mean I had tears in my I was watching mad DL what do you think now are now laying where Ian me hanging from. Late sales gains making it sounds of little great wolf it's an employer. What do. Do soccer like here we we are not widely that we were toll tenants. A leader transplant and eat a chance that you think it's so you're gonna get a short time here that a top lately sleep so rigor works for months. So much that was owned. It it makes some omen really you really want to meet a wanted to. Well we were watching I couldn't help but Ellis ridiculed faces a few lower hearing. The name and the secure envelope the person who donated so you still want to meet him. So want to say hi there guys tejada will Lindbergh right now. There idol Lil will then I. Will. Yeah. It's very very very wrote. Oh isn't okay. Elect critic at eighty easy thing you. You say my client like one. Never never hate you and I really can't blip. Call me you are welcome to became a cook. At the heart of bluntly not equally well apparently about. Will will will we have a name. We all are about Eagles win. Well I can't name and a face in here will and we saw part of your story there but you have them in front of you now you wanted to meet them as well. Column but why did you you'd have no idea how this was going to work out and but why did you want to do it and wouldn't you think now seeing that little boy right there Friday. The book and its own as you look at. Is still an up or to promote human ago blatt. Lobby. And the I bet. You wish you know we'll be. And you know willing uncle a lot of people you know don't realize that they can save lives TU and you're sitting there seeing a life they use saves and the gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day. I wonder if you have a message for anyone watching about how we all can dean good. Yeah I think. Introducing the donation is. I was initially and doing it because. These tyrants who. Arm but what really neat. Mimi sort follow through our that a missile crews will learn about problem liver or. You know there are many many people in need. Kidneys and many wonderful kid. But I think that really got stuck in my head was the fact that are the ability you did this really important jet. And then we're speaking since it's already grown back. Com you can make this story Jim but I don't really bloom then well. Well oh. Well guys. I don't necessarily need you all. To sail high and abide because I am pretty sure you all are going to be at the same cook out here pretty soon. I'll and I'm sure we'll make sure that you all are in touch as much as you want to. But I can't think you all enough this is that day thank you so much for being here and the congratulations on what to do the message you're sending. And good to see a healthy in their so thank you all so much. They may be benevolent Paul stated in do get will they keep taking based. Off what a perfect perfect story in this day and we needed that yeah link on this. As good than the lot of good happening we just be the highlight it just like we just did so.

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{"duration":"9:13","description":"Dia Landy, Paul Charles and 3-year-old Ian Charles meet Will Lindberg, the stranger who saved Ian’s life with a liver donation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74418194","title":"3-year-old transplant recipient meets donor for the first time ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/year-transplant-recipient-meets-donor-time-74418194"}