50 Cent gets paid, Omari Hardwick talks Beyonce

The cast of 'Power' have some fun with Michael and Sara addressing their social media highs and lows.
4:48 | 05/09/19

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Transcript for 50 Cent gets paid, Omari Hardwick talks Beyonce
One theory on stars visits my treatment Suwon TV a what a welcome. That cap a power fifty sit. I. Okay. Hey hey hey hey global and you all are given. He looked up excitement with thugs that you got here because all I can say this is not being absorbed. He did whose appointment TV movie. We're equipment duty but like if you they don't budget due to have been eligible are good at the top person off fifty. You. Here today we all bite right. Okay are you man. Don't want you you you don't people make is that grand who. Hey dude I don't somebody old who million dollars. You've got to money you have been so how wanted to say something do something to advance. I got this regiment you know in the you money it. Ended may end up have a Automotive News. Therefore you must leave the police. If degree I Israel urgent nominee of my youth mission. Ed editor Mari who my boy. I love you I'm. Riding herd about kiss gate. Well you know beyonce unions are beyonce isn't and it looked like another adult kids that I've done that before but Bihac came after you yeah. They come from my boy my husband my TV has been. He was just being a free why can't bring instead. They can't wait a vigorous so I was there. How do not. When you shouldn't read. That's a lot of to I got excited when. I you're welcome back Samari hard what you get to kiss the ground I mean just he's saying Yale. I was that's all the way you look equity LP keep that have been made have them come out. Other types of your pretty little funny. My meat we gotta talk a little bit about the show a lot has. Let me just get straight to the kicker Joseph and Mila had the end of season five. You shoot. Hurt me or not he shoots him he shipped imitates art and I pushed him out of our Harry. Sir you gotta set it up the sorry could you have to tell us at painfully you're not going to didn't she get me. I think playing. Why do people want to know what the Christmas present is before Chris and I don't. You. YouTube does it would have news knew enough. Life's okay I. And deter you you you have. Absolutely obvious this silly greedy it has had Clinton ahead art and love it I looked at all the things. But it cures want to suddenly see they are greedy and by that yes somebody think that had divot stuck with you. You finish you know it. Such an emotional show is a roller coaster for need conscious character. She's lost a daughter you know the violence of the streets I'm married so that you know goes who's a drug dealer. I'm fighting I mean this summer when emotions go get our hot. I didn't actually yeah I just think it does get a little emotion where sometimes you have to take take a nice like. Moment when you get home to decompress cousin dizziness. I jammed my character is actually really quite violent so I pay contained in this you have to have some in those Dina Ali and dissolve. But like lassie. We hadn't when I killed my father Gary Lennon had written episode our coastal runner. And where I killed my father's we have a lot of this familial. Link when John McCain did us a saucer on my product yet the Goteborg and I'm using it was down due to leave new you know.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"The cast of 'Power' have some fun with Michael and Sara addressing their social media highs and lows.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62936389","title":"50 Cent gets paid, Omari Hardwick talks Beyonce","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/50-cent-paid-omari-hardwick-talks-beyonce-62936389"}