Adorable 2-year-old with spina bifida inspires millions

Roman Dinkel defies all odds and learns to walk on his own.
5:39 | 09/21/18

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Transcript for Adorable 2-year-old with spina bifida inspires millions
cod use some W ??? ??? We bastory ica. 2-yeld spina bifida. It's a birthect of the spin defying tddg with C years than anyone expected. He was soed he had to show off for his dog Maggie. Take aat this adorable moment that went vir Look Maggie. I'm ING, Maggie. Pasroman, hisog maggiend mom and dad. Looat you. Do you want to sit with me? Come sit wit Can I get the pow? Ther go, man.hey, Maggie. Oh that video went viral. Michael wants Ano pow. There wgo, my Frid. As pts we watcd evybody is LE wow. As a parent, wey, for Yo the first time you saw him ING, whawas that moment like? T was amazg. When we first got our we didknow what E future heldor Roman. E doctor cld only te us what the book said. Baseon his lesn, the book said he would be paralyzed from his kne down T onl that, but he could have coive delays to see himking with S sticks at such a as amazing to see. A send. With him we really -- our mission was -- when E doctors told us Thate opon they give you is termination. For 60% to 70% of kids like him, E statisti, they have be terminated. Want to sw parents this is an amazing life. This is what you get. T over ion views. What kind of personal response have you gotfrom peoplin ur lives when hclaps, youlap. It'crazy. Thishole situaonn crazy. Ins city. I practice wa S especially kids with speal needs. My patients know th. Walk in a ss video and I'm like that's my son. Was shared byamily memb in vgi we live in Kansas City insane to see that. We getndreds of ss day om people lly were suicidal and this made them cide the wanted to liver they have cancer or areng through a divorce. All tive stories about the seven-minute CLI gave them hope. You have Maggie here. Maggie is only 10 months, T she and Roman had a bond from the beginning. Hodo you think Maggie has helped Roman He loves her. I'm surprised he doesn't want to mpr here and and kiss her. That we use her to walk to him or use her for motivation.onhe other side of things, it weird shelways by H si. 'S such a wobbly walker. We feel like she's therecase falls. It'smazing for a 10 month old puppy. Dogsense that. They have such anlity with that. Y'sing. Roman how are you feeling out walking? How do you feel that yon wa roman?do you likit My walk Are you so excited? Mwalker. I there's a game you H your dad. Can you playface. C you show em your happy face? How about scary? Hs got a Fure who can resist that face? We wanted trprise you with somhing. Surpri! Youe a Mickey mouse fan. Guess what, Brit out guy K out all these among Mickey mouse items we got just for you. That's not all DISN is giviou and your family tickesee Disney on class acrobaticsnd stunts. T you. Hank you. This is really amazing. It's insring for

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"Roman Dinkel defies all odds and learns to walk on his own. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57991956","title":"Adorable 2-year-old with spina bifida inspires millions ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/adorable-year-spina-bifida-inspires-millions-57991956"}