Alfonso Ribeiro brings 'America's Funniest Home Videos' to 'GMA Day'

Plus, the host talks about his daughter turning 16!
5:56 | 10/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alfonso Ribeiro brings 'America's Funniest Home Videos' to 'GMA Day'
Welcome back to "Gma day." We loved our next guest as Carlton banks and now he's the host of "America's funniest home videos." Please give it up for Alfonso Ribeiro. How are you? Nice to see you. My brother. Good to see you, man. What's happening? You're looking good, man. I'm trying to maintain. Trying to keep it slim. Alfonso is married to an Iowa girl. That's right. The last time you were in Iowa I was there. We tried to time our visit. You had to prove to him you were married to an iowan. I go there a lot. Hanging out in Cedar Rapids, a lot. We saw you hosting your man Will Smith's 50th birthday where he bungee jumped over the grand canyon in a helicopter. How was it for you? It was really, really, really scary at certain points. I was hosting. So I was given all the real information from the stunt crew. I had to know every bit of what was going to happen and where the real danger was. I knew the dangers. I'm not sure he knew all the real dangers. Ignorance is bliss. What were a few of the dangers? Two of the main points is where at the point where he has to actually jump at times your brain goes into fright or flight mode where you're telling yourself you're going to jump but your hand won't let go. Yeah. It will be five, four, three, two, one -- that's where the real danger is because there's a 300 pound bungee cord attached to your back that they let go of. It's like one, zero. If he don't let go, he's still going. But it's not going to look as pretty. No. The bungee cord is going to snatch his butt up out that helicopter and he'll hit the bar below. That's the first danger. The other danger is bringing him back to land. The bungee cord is attached to the bottom of the helicopter. Every movement the helicopter makes, the bungee cord expand and contracts. If the helicopter goes down, he initially comes up and then he goes down. Why not do it off a bridge or something? Because it's Will Smith. Will can't just do I'm going to bungee jump. No. I'm going to bungee cord out of a helicopter into the grand canyon. I kept saying, will, are you sure about this? At any time you can pull out. You can just decide -- We'll still respect you. Yes. Dude you the man. You a dumb man right now. I won't tell anyone that you didn't jump. Yeah, we'll shoot the dummy that they pushed out one time and they shot it and the leg fell off. Another funny thing is you're the host of "America's funniest home videos." Yes. Great show. That is funny. It's in its 29th season. Unbelievable. It started the same year as "The fresh prince of Bel Air". What? Yes. It's interesting because it's ABC's longest running prime time show. "The simpsons" also started at the same time. This is my fourth season as the host. Anything new we can expect? We have a couple new little bits that we're doing. One I really love is called not trending. We have all these things that are trending on the internet. These videos are things that will clearly never be trending with people doing dumb stuff that is never going to trend. We have a clip from Sunday's episode. All this stuff is trending. Oh! Guys like this make me want to take the stairs. ?????? What do you expect? The only game he knows is fetch. You know what I love about this show? The videos are one part of it. You get a chance to put your spin on it. You're funny. Thank you. You're great at this. Congratulations. It's a lot of fun. The interesting thing is the people that love these videos, there's also the "Afv" app. There's an app? There's an app. You can watch funny videos all day long on the app. When people want to submit their videos, right from your phone. You're able to go right from your phone and transfer your video to the "Afv" app and it sends it to the studio and they decide if they want to put your video on the show. Welcome to my weekend. It's a great way of connecting the dots. I love that. You can check out "America's funniest home videos" right here on ABC Sunday nights at 7:00 P.M. Alfonso Ribeiro everybody.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Plus, the host talks about his daughter turning 16! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58314092","title":"Alfonso Ribeiro brings 'America's Funniest Home Videos' to 'GMA Day' ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/alfonso-ribeiro-brings-americas-funniest-home-videos-gma-58314092"}