Ashanti talks Lin-Manuel Miranda, musicals and shares a travel disaster story

Keke and Ali welcome the Grammy award-winning singer.
6:36 | 04/19/19

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Transcript for Ashanti talks Lin-Manuel Miranda, musicals and shares a travel disaster story
Our next guest is a grammy-award winner and star of the new film "Stuck" in select theaters today. Take a look. I'm good. ��� I bet you're thinking I know everything about her ��� ��� it's the story we've heard before ��� ��� but this was different ��� Give it up for Ashanti! ������ How are you? Hi. I'm bookended by these two gorgeous -- Oh, my gosh, Ashanti, I've loved you all my life. I've always loved you. My favorite video was "Foolish." You're always giving me that classy but still know how to hold it down. Your brand is really inspiring and it still is to do this day. Thank you. We've been chatting about it all morning. So, if you walked in on your best friend -- no, this is important stuff, people. If you walked on your best friend and your significant other, who would you be more mad at? Ooh. Um. They both going to get it. They're both going to get it. Yes, they are. Absolutely. Who did I know first and longer? You know what I mean? That's hard. We were feeling like the best friend is more -- I think so. Girl, you of all people. Absolutely. Right, absolutely. But they still both going to get it. They're both going to get it. Her first and then him. You have heard of Hamilton, the Broadway show, the musical, I heard a really cool thing when Lin Manuel was writing it, he wrote a song based off of your and ja rule record. That's crazy. When we got invited to the play we were both like, this is going to be corny, they're rapping. Old school clothes. This isn't going to be right. White people rapping. I didn't say it. I know. I thought the same thing. But, we watched and we were like, oh, my gosh, this is amazing. We both looked at each other so we were just like this is amazing. We went backstage and Lin said, look, you inspired me to write this. Your music relationship is the relationship in Hamilton. But you're a star and executive produce your own musical "Stuck," which is so exciting. But I heard this story you have to tell us because I can never -- when you went to the premiere there was somebody in your seat? Oh, my gosh, girl. She was literally stuck. At her premiere. Please tell us. So I'm coming in. Pi have my gown on my family's there. Everybody's seethed. They have an escort. They're like, can you move over for Ashanti? Very polite. There's reserved for Ashanti. But here's the thing, I can't supermad at the lady. Because I didn't say reserved for Ashanti. It just said reserved. She was like, I have reserved seats. These are our seats. I'm just standing there. I have my popcorn. I'm like, okay. So, the lady's like, ma'am, this is for Ashanti. She was like, no, I've been here, I have my tickets. I'm like, I saw the movie so it's okay. She can watch it. You know what, she really wanted to sit and watch you. That's when I said, I'm not even mad I want her to enjoy the film. Yeah. I said don't even worry about it. Two guys next to her did in fact get up so I could sit down. By the way, that woman was my mother. Go ahead. Now, "Stuck" is about six strangers stuck in a subway in nyc. Have you ever experienced that level of disaster? In terms of traveling. I had a very horrific experience traveling. It wasn't on subway. That wasn't my worst. I went over to Thailand to shoot a video. TSA is a little different over there. I had this belt in my carry-on and it was made out of bullets. It was really pointy but soup cool. Very edgy. They're going through my stuff. The lady pulls it out, she's like, what's this? I'm like, no, it's a belt. It's for clothes. She takes it out, lays it on the counter. I'm like, it's okay. It's a belt. So, she makes a phone call. It's like ten of us traveling together. Everyone else is running. She makes a phone call, the fie comes, what are you going to do with this? I'm going to wear it, it's a belt. Long story short, I snatched it put it in the bag, me and my mom, three other people, we go through the border patrol, we get to the other side, there are cops waiting on the other side. I'm like, oh, my god, my security is 7 feet. He was like, go. We're running down to the gate. I'm telling you, we're running down to the gate. I'm like, oh, my gosh, we're trying to bum rush to get on the plane. People are like, no-no. They see the police chasing after us. I'm like, oh, my gosh. No, I'm not going to harm anyone. This is really a belt. I'm showing pictures from the showroom, this is really a belt. What are you going do? My mom starts pulling out pictures of me and Barack Obama. My mom is like, no, this is let me show you who she is. I start Google myself to show them. Finally, they come over, they have handcuffs and everything. The guy comes over, he looks at me and he looks at the belt, nah, and they just let me go. Oh, my gosh. Stick around. Ashanti is going to stick around

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{"duration":"6:36","description":"Keke and Ali welcome the Grammy award-winning singer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62512318","title":"Ashanti talks Lin-Manuel Miranda, musicals and shares a travel disaster story ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/ashanti-talks-lin-manuel-miranda-musicals-shares-travel-62512318"}