Boris Kodjoe on exes, his real name and his former modeling career

Sara and Keke get to know all about Boris Frederic Cecil Tay-Natey Ofuatey-Kodjoe.
7:12 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Boris Kodjoe on exes, his real name and his former modeling career
All right, ladies and gentlemen, actually it's about to get hot in here because our next guest is not only putting out fires on the hit show "Station 19," but he's also easy on his eyes -- easy on my eyes. Check him out. We need assistance at 346 Nelson street. We got a structure fire in progress. Copy. Dispatching 42 to your location. Backup? Please help. Sir, any more people inside? I'm not sure how many. You have to get them help, please. Please give a warm welcome to Boris kodjoe. ������ What's happening? So happy to see you. Hello. Oh. Did it kick? Baby, you guys. Come on over here. Come on over here. The baby just kicked. The baby just kicked. The baby just kicked. Yes. He did, he did. You still have the clips in your hair, by the way. I know. Do you want ask him our little callback question? Boris, we were talking earlier, what's the most awkward encounter you may have had with an ex or frenemy or someone you had a falling out with that you can remember? Well, first of all, if there's too many of those exes I think you should have a conversation with yourself. No, stop. Don't call Katie out. Don't call Katie out. Hey, number four. What's up? Excuse E me, what's her name? Katie. Katie, you got to look at the mirror and say, Katie -- what's my part in the disaster? All right, because there's got -- there's one common denominator, that's you, Katie, you might want to have a little therapy session with yourself. This was Katie's first and last visit to the show. Okay. The's a part of it. She is. For me, it's a party every He's like with me with it. No, look, either we're friends still, then there's hugs and kisses. If not, then I dodged a major bullet. Oh, that's a good point. Come on, Boris. So I'm superhappy about that. I'm thankful that I got you out That's a good way to look at it. Because either way, I'm like, hey, what's up? How have you been? Give you a hug. What sign are you? I'm pisces. That's trouble for us. We're two virgos over here. Oh. Okay -- Ask me another question. You guys go back. You have worked together. I used to change her diaper. Was this before your first kid with Nicole? Yeah, yeah. They used to treat me like their child. Yes. She was 10 years old. Like, I mean, it was like I was their first child training. Boris, Nicole, they both treated me like -- yes, I got two other parents. It was the best time. I still feel that way, though. I always check her out and make sure she's wearing nice clothes and she's not out there at Coachella acting a fool. He's just himself 100% all the time. Oh, yeah. She's like, he's opposite of what you think when you look at someone like that. He's the sweetest and most humble guy. Get the name thing. This is funny. Maybe it isn't. I thought your name was just Boris kodjoe. But they tell me it's actually not. You read it. Yeah, it's Boris kodjoe. My whole name is Boris Frederic Cecil tay-natey ofuatey-kodjoe. My father is from Ghana. My mother is from Germany. In Ghana, you name them after your ancestors -- Or all of them together. Yes. How many names are in there? There's Boris, Frederic, Cecil, tay-natey ofuatey-kodjoe. Okay. It's your first time to our show, we thought we could go ahead and memorialize and because of "Station 19." This is amazing. 19 is your number. Oh, wow, thank you so much. Look at this. We just feel that name rings of a Jersey. Was this one of Michael's old Jersey? That's just for you. Thank you so much. After your show, "Station 19." Where you play the fireman's captain. What type of training did you have to do for this? We have some great fire techs on set. Shoutout to Brian Cummings and Dwayne golden who are incredible. They are captains and they are on set every single day to make sure that I don't act a fool Well, the gear is heavy. Firemen, no joke. 40 pounds, absolutely. We do all those stunts, running and jumping and putting out fires. It keeps the abs en pointe. This is the only workout I do, holding the hoses. We did see a picture earlier that had us a little confused. You may be surprised but before doing acting he was a model. I guess anyone can do it these days. So, we found a picture and we can't decide if it's Boris -- show us the picture. Show us the picture. Oh. Okay, so, Boris actually makes seasonal confusion look good. Because I can't tell if it's a winter campaign, if it's a summer campaign. It's very simple -- this is actually -- this was a photo -- Was it hot or cold? We don't know. Listen, listen -- I have three looks, that's it. People when they're on the red carpet, you do that too. You start talking to the photographers, you're caught in the picture like this, hey, and then you're made because you look crazy, right? I have three looks -- 12:00 -- I have three looks. Where's the camera? Right there. Camera four. This is 12:00. Boom. Oh. Then I got the 2:00. And this is the fake 10:30 laughter look. Yes, Boris, yes. You guys can watch Boris in

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{"duration":"7:12","description":"Sara and Keke get to know all about Boris Frederic Cecil Tay-Natey Ofuatey-Kodjoe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62459488","title":"Boris Kodjoe on exes, his real name and his former modeling career","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/boris-kodjoe-exes-real-modeling-career-62459488"}