Carla Hall's favorite dishes feature this fall staple

How to make three delicious dishes, including a dessert made with squash.
8:07 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for Carla Hall's favorite dishes feature this fall staple
Watch but first we need our food contributor. Our fearless leader please welcome Carla hall. Okay. Woody. Okay. Yeah. I didn't know I don't run a blade number Illinois I didn't follow last night out of their frozen. Did you see the clip that's amazing. You know a quote thank you for doing it it's fall now yes wants to watch. You want similar spot so what do we make it today so I'm gonna show you how to use flash and some of these ingredients at your CNN that farmers market. We're gonna do an appetizer served her gonna do a side dish ever gonna do a desire all let's watch how apples and dried cranberry. I have never done one. First for everything is okay. It makes sense yet just makes sense is not a significant him it. Are you do it. Yeah. I do it okay yeah yeah yeah. You live to give the idea. Just the basics for me because I like where you even start we were looking at the shape here reading so I think you have to work with the shape of the squat I can't you know so here I have let's watch and I want it cut that in half because it's a long and I wanna take out the insides of coveted right it happens I learned from them out of this press press that that's hard. Press Democrat. It sees a buddy list job object you hold your breath the whole time. Honest about the insides right yeah about the insides. And then yank keeps a bit and the reason he's got to have a so that it gets the good aspect that it didn't work out the and a big men have this. It's it's a great attorney it was a pretty foul work it out so I'm new roast days so Aaron how about some solemn moment I can do that. Salt pepper. At the end it's all you have access yet yes I'll guy yes I'll ban something. I'll have a bar and an olive oil outlook goes on that. They had to put that in the oven at three entity that there and I 400 degrees you'll hot items that he can groceries and respect. Acco is that okay it looked pretty great so now are you gonna do we're gonna add some goat cheese oh yum they had guts easier Sierra. I was so what I do with sites tape saying I can zip top bag and I put my goat cheese cream cheese and everything in the Stella. So press from a top still it like part of the lakers are. It taste like this how can an onion potato chips. It bodies. Yeah Michael taste it not good no I'm. Only gone right. Some are well you don't I've noticed we always make some utility old. Bottom. We're out sneaking should visit all of departments are putting this out on national the we have to complete what a complete manipulator yet Tyson never gonna take. Acorn squash OK outside their district not applies acorn squash apples again Michael lot of new season and this time. Salt and pepper you have your eyes out. A tank. I'll look now but we're gonna do here first everybody. We're gonna keep our hands first that we wanted to for long people until it's hot and I just bought. I'm me and I thought degree it and that may pull it out let me start searing and now you have all of your aunt the lawyer laden. Mirja anytime you can do that in a ball so that when you put that some sort of let's watch and apples and appendix. Right levied at these two. Not yet appeared. But we have a toast that saw them here. We have these things that we decided to cut the map yet. Now we have the eight points watch we bait nets. You go Green Bay to witness for the fibers in the states everything inside with another sheet and we put a little water and the elites we managed an off we scoped out very easily now my heart rate that when that you have this is now do you have. I call. It this is eleven maple. Dressing like a lemon juice maple syrup. Yum again you're seeing in maple and a farmer's market right now greater fall and then take that that's a I don't need you that's drinks I think you get that Burton does something like that and I think going to be good it was just me as I only go little. It could afford a holding another thing. Yeah. Definitely Sara moves. Our eyes are now just another do you want I want your loved that I. And I think I'd probably a look at more Michael Frederick. At the pumpkin seeds which hosted some dried cranberries that doesn't hamper grade. And again next is up and then it's gonna put it into your baked acorn squash I'd love it right. Add a little salt if he needs him that looks so pretty he is black and you miss Blackwell feels scary like yeah. Music not because I app up there don't like to see it doesn't know I got my hand. Clear minors something eighty prettier girl we don't we don't really need the glut of eight net OK ankle. And. Your car left a pets you have a butternut squash the now appear we wrote that this. Cut side down because this gets sane yet here we want this to caramelized that we don't want the water so we keep them current senate a canal whose makes a mess there. I'm so good OK you have your sugar you. Sugar sugar gaffes Brown's economic as a kind of solve it could think he and he and I do little. Three strip. Okay. You Haines I took Michael Michael. But wait another plane yet yes. I know have been softy and I look at a pepper are so now we didn't do my sprinkle dot dollop that little window at a Latin. The onus on your fingers you please. What are they dollop like there yet this just a dollop OK with the I play doesn't get exactly. About half are okay and sterile what I want you to do is sprinkled this standard next here on at the bottom that's that's what my jeans yeah. I was or enhance. Yep that's it what I like next what you're doing such a great job. Okay. Some in his eyes on the the tank we can taste it now right yeah we got its case that come over here okay we'll move. And then here we have all of our swatches. Look at IBM I'll play. That's exactly in mind look if you can't so large dressing you can put some dressed and on the there I'm gonna finish with a little bit of days are here uncle Michael do you want this is not reduce an upcoming isn't just recruited a taste test that. I yeah. It's your insensitivity is on this for your Sunday with an ice cream in there I will yeah law. Yes you do icing on net and let the science fiction coming to slightly beaten beat out an exciting event but you can besides that. Yeah. Yeah doing like real hostile attitude we definitely had a very. OK. Thank you. I think it went over it's not a get it right you. UWW erotic art leading medical. A lighting that yes. OK let me try this step down you know what did their neighbors live in uncertainty is our artist. I'm. Yeah. I just Tierney you go to Good Morning America dot com to get the full recipe that colleges soda. But either pre order quality could move that it out this month the golf cart off all flu. I have.

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{"id":58411350,"title":"Carla Hall's favorite dishes feature this fall staple","duration":"8:07","description":"How to make three delicious dishes, including a dessert made with squash.","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/carla-halls-favorite-dishes-feature-fall-staple-58411350","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}