The cast of All My Children get dramatic

Susan Lucci, Walt Willey, Jacob Young, Cady McClain and Jill Larson reprise their soap opera characters for Michael and Sara.
4:40 | 02/11/19

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Transcript for The cast of All My Children get dramatic
children." The show has left a legacy in daytime and also in the hearts of its greatest fans, and we would like to pay tribute by having these memorable characters recreate two of its most famous scenes. Take it away. All right, yes. I don't want to get married. Much as I want to be with you, I don't want to rush into some wedding just to reassure you that I'm not going anywhere. So you finally admit it. Well, I wish you all the best of luck in L.A. And with the rest of your life, without me. Jack. Jack, wait. Jack. Please don't go. I love you. I said, come with me. Jack, please don't walk out on me. I need you. Well, frankly, I don't give a damn what you need, Erica. Oh, no. No. This is not the way I want it to end. No. It's not the ending I want. You're never going to get him back now. Watch me. Ah, to hell with it. Come here, you. Better. That's the ending you wanted, right? Okay. It's a redo. So intimate. I literally was over here -- I was, like, this the whole time. Did I have a great job or what? Great job by everybody. That was amazing. You feel like you're peeping in on someone. At least in the safety of your living room, it's a more private place. No matter how you cut it. You guys are up. Ready? All right. I need pancakes. Pancakes. You'll be recreating the scene where Dixie appears to die with her son, J.R. By her side. We have that clip. Take a look. It's a very light scene. This child. I'll never stop looking for Kate. Okay. Uh-oh. Oh. Mom. Mom. Dad told me to come back for you. Now you have go come back for tad, mom. You have got to come back for tad. Come on. Where is this ambulance? Listen to me. Listen to me. You're going to be okay. I promise. Just stay out of my camera. Am I in your lens? Give tad his child. We're never going to stop looking for Kate. No, not Kate, but crystal's baby. It's -- it's tad's. What? Mom. Mom, please! Mom, please, don't leave me! I'm okay. I'm okay. Was it a little gas? Yeah. Was it something you ate? Oh, boy. Well done. Come over. Come over. Before we -- come on over. Before we go, we just wanted to give a shoutout to some of our crew here on our show. Oh yeah. Because a lot of them worked on "All my children."

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Susan Lucci, Walt Willey, Jacob Young, Cady McClain and Jill Larson reprise their soap opera characters for Michael and Sara.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60995497","title":"The cast of All My Children get dramatic","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/cast-children-dramatic-60995497"}