The Cast Of 'Power' On 'Strahan And Sara'

50 Cent, Omari Hardwick, La La Anthony, Joseph Sikora, Naturi Naughton and Lela Loren talk Beyonce, the final season of "Power" and share behind-the-scenes stories.
14:57 | 05/10/19

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Transcript for The Cast Of 'Power' On 'Strahan And Sara'
Oh what a welcome. That cap a power he fit. Hey hey hey hey don't you all yeah. He looked up excitement with thugs that you get here because I think citizens must be absorbed and did his appointment. T community. Our equipment to equity but what if they don't budget due to the analysts are good at the top it off fifty. I. It'd Gabrielle by right. Okay. You man I don't want you do you get people may get the grant. They do it got somebody old who million dollars. You've got to money you have been so I wanted to say something summit advance. I got this regiment. You know in the you money in it may end up have a bar. And money from you I'm. Therefore you just need the police. Integrate hires Larry legend nominee of my youth mission. It's as if in a Mari who. My boy. I think heard about kiss gate. Well you know beyonce you know. Thought we aren't they isn't and it looked like another adult kids that I've done that before but to beat out came after you yeah. They come from my boy my husband my TV as a he was just being a free watch every instead. They can't wait a bigger so I was there. Not yeah. Let's a lot of thought to. I got excited when. I do welcome back Samari hardly you get to kiss the ground I mean just he's sitting here now. I was. What you really helped me keep that up and I have no come out. Other types of your credit he finally. My meat we gotta talk a little bit about the show a lot has. Let me just get straight to the kicker Joseph and Mila had the end of season five. You issue with her no no he shoots him he should get a pacer and I pushed him out of our Harry. Sir you gotta set it up sorry you have to tell us at painfully you're not going to his cheek yeah. Thing and why don't people want to know what the Christmas present is before Chris and I. You. YouTube does it would have news maybe enough. You know life's okay I'm. Mandatory yeah you you have so I mean is so greedy it has had Clinton ahead our beloved I look at all the things. But a cure is one to suddenly see they are greedy and by that yes somebody think that was stuck with you. In you know. Such an emotional show is a roller coaster for need conscious character she's lost a daughter you know the violence of the streets I'm married says that you know ghost who's a drug dealer. I'm fighting I mean there's similar emotions going an hour and a hot. I didn't actually yeah I just think it does get a little emotion where sometimes you have to take take a nice like. Moment when you get home to decompress cousin dizziness. Yeah my character is actually really quite violent so I pay continues you have to have some in those Dino engines out. But like lesson. We hadn't when I killed my father Gary Lennon had written a episode are coshow runner. And where I killed my father's we have a lot of this familial link when John McCain did us a saucer on my product yet to go to Rhode Island and I'm using it was down due to the new you know he's. That being removed what I thought. Different experience than. Hello and yes he watching power give rainy season fifth and William. They're amazing they actually bring all these characters he said there's a lot of death were you answering my question now. Okay. Good answer my daughter here don't be unwilling to pay your. Openness about about Mike friendship and betrayal. In did it yeah. I spoke court advantage you know would how the outlook gonna play out you have the whole scene of what you get the most immediate I'm yours yeah let's. Content that you know. No problem Quinn would own the New York City should. Written them off if you talk to me in the summer and then I kind of just when I get around to cast. And I look at him you know you look at some might see if they know right thing. I mean looking at your legacy. You look at that nearly yeah. It got somebody what are you go to. That's what really even if that kind of I don't know including popular in which you know knowledge he should and you know lost your vision and passion we have a very. Strained friendship is about to get crazy and that an interesting. So delighted you've got back had been flowing only so Maria and I. Yeah two I'm mother and he did not. I look. You've got a big big announcement a surprise announcement from. Moving backs. Obviously fifth. As the final season of Powell play. Incidents didn't speak then this season of fifteen shows with the lieutenant. And yes in my leg the unit. Some really started so in the numbers we created myself corn and cat and he goes sees that all shields. Yeah okay here is that your. That I'm executive produce and and you see. From right equity tip. We're live some more life. From the actual characters built from power and different things than this. Oh I. I think yeah. We can work through this thing. How much. But at least we didn't see this yeah. At the handles it yeah. You don't want to vote yes indeed it. Don't know what nobody had no of the job. Yeah. And but by his frequent. They get a good job well if you didn't succeed right yet. Got it pretty. Yes scary legal theories still not let it happen if a comedic moments and the person. Out of this group that is most likely to laugh or lose it in the thing. It is not. Jokes about a hockey of the most prepared you three ladies that are you not playing around it also it's not. You're Tommy got about it who say. Yeah well as it is not here is Rhodes in. We have got a hero's yeah it was a night. I NN medical school isn't it most likely to forget their lives outlying. Almost. The sound asleep and you know. Yeah he's not the reason why an apartment they can't I got out that memory keydets she's the only way to Baghdad you know. They've waited bag regular. Andean Highlands County you. 100. Rendering engines man that I had to lengthen. How that Lila I'm learning he gets funny that he's and a hot me beyond my life. To remember her home. I was lying. Saying you don't like me you haven't visited the moment people that. It's beyond me and I won't want to miss so you don't know. Everybody here we really here is really pretty freaking that would this this. Five to six is very good wouldn't I'm Amanda and that's what similar. We've set up an incredibly. Warm environment I think all six of us are proud when guest stars come in. People for the people ask got a Daniel is fifty hands on very hands on. You know you want as you want it set when I worked oh but I love working with Joseph and it's very early not always so people enjoy coming but sometimes a guest stars. You get a bit nervous is an Irish history so they might only have a little bit of stuff to remember who would then obviously and you go kimono. I send digital model came one. You kind of great giant television images are undated greatly I was in the city's wounds. Children I think he really smoke. It was only. W an attorney whose regular early yeah. I've Boggan I'll let you know. Thank you lie you. Does it got to got to go method it has. I mean you've got it we with the bad let me sit in our lives up Curtis Curtis said his vision man. Any had a vision a similar path to what his life was. Which he grew up about Kidd was broken who had an IQ that is on short of all he's an extremely bright. A broken gives us Jamaica queens grandma Bulent recipes you raise them his mama's day about a time he's eight years of age. And yet he's become Curtis for decent Jackson's. No not any great sense yeah. Yeah Intel in the way that we. The wait until it in and then fifty and Marquette and who do 300 and Romania is set down and they they met they want Courtney Kemp Bobble at times is now according Kim. And we all are here because it outsold the vision that we had was to have New York is such a cast mate of the show. So to meet wanted to cast mates there's been great this is the city. Of New York. This is so out of I don't know that I know his. But anybody who steps into this this show me who gets involved in this world do you gather also meant riding an all you do hit no ignoring you personally been to see you then all of this over the testament to how incredible York of these this accident minds of people reacting out. And you load to promote just thought London would. Other sites that Eli can not let you. Go oh well it. And that you a lot of sex scene again and he has I'm. Does he does not make. Hill's left Chile right on this and he still it ever happening embarrassing moment yeah yeah that you can watch Wendi Williams they can say all of it. I bet yeah had a really what embarrassing moments he's in line and more what happened. There have been sent Anthony an intimate scene where we were under the covers. And when I ran on set it's two hours before we hit said and then at six hours before lunch. So let's see how whereas before you get to eat lunch as an act. And they went into meal penalties and they push sitting in farther. And and so I was starving. And go to lunch. And it's ribs and I'm like a moment and I am under the congress and I go in on rid idea look at what would I then we get back. And they really lacked the scene lambs should rattling him on top of the covers and I haven't lens belly. And it's kinda left is that yeah. I'm panicked and headed stand with the hand. Like push is on mine in I don't know who. We're. Okay. It's not and the direct economy and the argument that really and I think yeah I did they didn't magazines like. Back to I just want you playing on the Edmondson didn't. Yeah. What that's about it. Or. Are you saving. And video out of order here that's the Ted anywhere you like back that in the long let. And video that oh I hope. Who. But Taylor. You've got you welcome in our room. Any time. Power returns August. Wouldn't fit you get ready. Fortified the feed that. Like a canal on the previous Bob me Bob Wright a big.

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{"duration":"14:57","description":"50 Cent, Omari Hardwick, La La Anthony, Joseph Sikora, Naturi Naughton and Lela Loren talk Beyonce, the final season of \"Power\" and share behind-the-scenes stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62969254","title":"The Cast Of 'Power' On 'Strahan And Sara'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/cast-power-strahan-sara-62969254"}